The Moment

We both wanted to take the time to let you know just how much we enjoyed our African Safari Dream vacation. The wonderful and expedite responses from you as we were planning our trip, the materials, books and maps, the instant email responses to our questions and the care given to us by the team the minute we landed until the day we said good bye to East Africa, can only be described as excellence in meeting all of our needs.

I will admit it took some convincing for my husband to agree to go. He was shall we say reticence and made it known to our group. Then on that third evening as everyone was talking at once about all we had seen and done the previous days, he stood up, had everyone’s attention and announced, “are you not so glad that I talked all of you into coming”. What a moment. I am attaching a picture from that moment.

I also want to commend the professionalism of all those associated with your organization. You are right up there with Disney in your customer service. Our meet and greet team, our guides, David and Ellison were so knowledgeable about the animals, the birds and the history of their country. They were totally engaged with each of us. They were also considerate of our needs and planned the trip accordingly. I enclose their pictures because they were so important to us.

I also am sending on the lion picture Gene took with his phone camera. You do not need fancy equipment to experience the wonders of an African Dream Safari.

Thanks again for all that you have done. I have recommended you to all of my friends.

Gene and Barbara N.
Vancouver, Washington
Safari Dates: May 15, 2015 to May 26, 2015

Nothing Can Compare

African Dream Safaris (ADS) was the most awesome, amazing and adventurous vacation experience we have ever done. Those who have not had this opportunity can only imagine a portion of what we saw and the reward we gained from observing the behavior of the African mammals, birds and reptiles in their native habitat. Nothing can Compare, You must see for yourself!

Thank You to the ADS personnel who made this possible and organized all aspects to make the trip such a success.

Dean N.
Ringoes, New Jersey
Safari Dates: May 15, 2015 to May 26, 2015

If Africa is on Your Lifetime Agenda List…Go,Go,Go!

My sister posted about our recent safari but since I have so many emotions swirling inside I thought about adding my own two cents. Even though we have been back for a couple weeks I am still not quite “Out of Africa”. This is a trip that stays with one long after the journey is over.

An African Safari is not a trip for everyone, in fact our travel group dwindled from eight to four, when we chose Africa. One person said, “Africa? Can’t we just get a 4-wheeler and go to the zoo?”

Choosing Africa was the best travel decision we made, well, second only to choosing ADS as our tour company. When I first mentioned Africa to a friend she put me in touch with her friend’s daughter-in-law who had recently been on Safari. To say she raved about her trip would be an industrial-strength understatement. She provided Dawn Anderson’s name at ADS and that was the first step toward a magical adventure.

Dawn’s knowledge of Tanzania made the trip a breeze to plan, and if her middle name is not Patience it should be, given how deftly she fielded our (well, actually my sister’s) many questions. Although we went toward the end of the “wet” season we only had rain two evenings and a slight shower one day. The greenery and wild flowers this time of year were stunning.

To see as many animals as we did at close range was jaw dropping. With Claude guiding our way each day was more spectacular than the previous day. We saw a lot, we learned a lot and would love to return.

Incidentally, my husband may have set a Guinness book record for oldest person to go on safari at 3 months shy of his 89th birthday! The staff at each camp was especially attentive, watching over “Babu” to make sure he was okay. Okay he was…Babu loved the trip!

Barbara and Tony P.
Red Bluff, CA
Safari dates: May 18-27, 2015