An Awe-Inspiring Epic Adventure That We Will Never Forget!

We just returned from our safari and it still feels like it was all a dream come true. Hundreds of thousands of animals in all directions to the horizon. A diversity of animals beyond belief and lots of baby animals. The circle of life was vividly and dramatically illustrated and the connectivity of all the animals in this amazing place was beautiful.

The VIP entry process was great, immediately after showing the officials our boarding passes we were escorted to a private lounge while all the paperwork was quickly managed. We then exited the lounge right into the waiting van of the Arusha meet and greet ADS team. The ADS meet and greet team showed us around Arusha and took us to the Cultural Heritage Center where we found many great items to bring home.

The ADS vehicle was perfect for our adventure and having a truly PRIVATE vehicle was a big difference vs other operators. We heard the people in other groups debating when to leave, where to go, what time to come back, etc….over breakfast, and not having to make those trade offs with what other people want to do was wonderful.

Russell was our guide and he was extremely knowledgeable, fun, accommodating and has the eyes of an eagle. He saw rhinos a mile away and then found a way to get us closer so we could see them. Having an experienced guide like ADS provides makes a huge difference.

Our safari consultant, Dawn Anderson, was great at providing guidance, recommendations and tips from the beginning of our planning process through jumping on the plane headed to Africa. We had lots of questions and we felt cared for and well prepared for an epic adventure by the time we left.

The Hemingway Experience accommodations were perfect for the immersive African feel we were hoping for.

Here’s a couple videos we took during the course of our safari including an amazing wildebeest crossing along the Mara River:

Asante Sana!

Warren and Lisa W.
Fulton, Missouri
Safari Dates: September 12, 2023 to September 21, 2023