For 12 Days We Experienced An Adventure That Can Never Be Duplicated!

Explaining to friends and family that you were going to Tanzania to go on safari brought many interesting remarks. Some were fascinated. Some were curious and were happy we were the guinea pigs to try it first. However, most stated they would never do such a thing as they would be way to nervous and scared of the unknown. The thought of going to a developing country to see wild animals was simply too much for many to comprehend. No doubt, the days leading up to our adventure had both my wife and I a little anxious. A long flight to a country that we know little about and trusting people we do not know definitely put us out of our comfort zone.

This anxiousness ended immediately when we landed in Kilimanjaro. We were met with welcoming and smiling faces at the airport that made our entry into their county so easy. Once accepted into the country, the wonderful staff of Africa Dream Safaris immediately met us to begin our adventure. At that point, we knew we were beginning to embark on something beyond special.

For the next 12 days we experienced an adventure that can never be duplicated. From flying over the Serengeti in a prop plane, to meeting our guide (our now great friend) Bernard, to seeing our first elephant, experiencing the great migration first hand (literally thousands of wildebeest surrounded us), watching a dramatic crossing of which I cannot find the words to explain, to soaring above the migration at sunrise on a hot air balloon (an experience so surreal), to seeing and experiencing every type of animal imaginable up close in various settings in various parks, to eating lunch in the middle of the Serengeti with no other person around (literally in the middle of nowhere) and experiencing an endless parade of wildebeests and zebras marching by (again, surreal), to staying at camps where the surroundings and views seem something out of a movie set, to visiting and dancing with a Massai tribe in their village, to experiencing the pride of touring a hospital that was founded by an American doctor to help the people of Tanzania, and to meet and being taken care of by the most wonderful people of Tanzania, this adventure exceeded any expectation imaginable.

It just so happens that Tom Brady was on safari with his daughter during the same time my wife and I were there. I want to share a quote that he “tweeted” about his experience that summaries ours (I hope Tom doesn’t mind):

“To wake up to sunrises in untouched parts of our beautiful planet, to witness these animals in all their glory, to see how different people can live with true joy and happiness continues to bring me great lessons in learning.”

I miss the people in Tanzania and have thought about them every day since our return. And I look out my backyard every day to see if I can spot one more elephant, zebra, or giraffe. Sadly, they are not there.

Yes, this adventure was truly life changing and an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you Africa Dream Safaris for this adventure. It was perfect and you and your entire staff were amazing. I am now an ambassador for your company and Tanzania.

Bob and Rosanne N.
Florence, Kentucky
Safari Dates: July 24, 2023 to August 5, 2023

Here is a video of our sunrise balloon flight over the Serengeti and a few additional photos to follow:

  1. Great read Bob and Roseanne! Love your descriptions and pictures. Truly a trip of a lifetime. I hope to be able to make a similar trip in my lifetime!
    If I recall your lack of dancing prowess from your college days, those poor Tanzanians….