An Awe-Inspiring Epic Adventure That We Will Never Forget!

We just returned from our safari and it still feels like it was all a dream come true. Hundreds of thousands of animals in all directions to the horizon. A diversity of animals beyond belief and lots of baby animals. The circle of life was vividly and dramatically illustrated and the connectivity of all the animals in this amazing place was beautiful.

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A Bucket List Trip Across The Serengeti!

A safari across the Serengeti has long been a bucket list adventure we’ve been looking towards as we embarked on our retirement years. Then COVID hit and our plans were put on hold. We did not want to experience a safari with a group of 10-12 strangers following an itinerary where we were one of a dozen other tours staying at the same lodges. We were seeking a unique intimate experience that we would remember for the rest of our lives! African Dream Safaris (ADS) provided just such a custom experience.

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