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Astounding, ethereal, exceptional, awesome are a few of the superlatives to describe our February 2021 Africa Dream Safari excursion to the Serengeti. What follows is a brief recap of our unforgettable twelve- day journey. Our first two days were at Arusha Coffee Plantation. If your flight is quite long, we highly recommend 2 nights there, so you will be fresh when you begin the safari.

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A very heartfelt thanks to ADS, the lodges we stayed in and to the people of Tanzania

1726…no, that’s not the year we did our first of 5 safaris with ADS…that’s the number of miles we covered during our exceptional 12 day safari! As my wife and I are avid photographers, going during the wet season has been very high on our list. We knew would never have another opportunity to go during peak season and have a minimal number of vehicles in the Southern Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, as Covid would severely limit the number of safari travelers. Our guide ensured we would be in the optimum area to observe the Migration, which meant driving many miles to follow the ever moving herds, depending upon which lodge we were staying. ADS excels at getting you to the animals, and the miles driven are inconsequential.

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The Reopening of Tanzania

In 2020, Covid 19 turned down the volume on the world. The Serengeti became a very quiet place and the wildlife were restaking their claim. Now the sun rises on a new year and we restake ours.

WATCH THIS VIDEO of the reopening of Tanzania and learn why this moment in time is offering us all a very special wildlife viewing experience like we’ve never seen before.

“Who you choose as your safari company right now, because of the pandemic, is probably more important than it’s ever been. Even before social distancing, that’s what ADS was doing. They were offering their clients remote safaris, private, customizable and they specialize in getting you away from the crowd so you can just be in the presence of animals.” – Guest / Jeff Smith

“We’re not everything to everybody. We don’t try to be. We have a very specific niche and we only offer trips to Tanzania.” – Sharon Lyon / ADS Safari Specialist

“I’ve been on safari so many times and I run into people who have booked with a travel agency and that company put them in the South Serengeti during the dry season! When the migration is up in the North Serengeti. They talk to me and I regrettably have to tell them, you’re staying in the wrong place.” – Dawn Anderson / ADS Safari Specialist

For the adventurous traveler, the opportunity to go to the Serengeti and have a unique experience has never been better.

Reach out to start planning your trip of a lifetime:

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Traveling To Tanzania During Covid

To go or not to go

“In the circle of life…it’s the wheel of fortune…it’s the leap of faith…it’s the band of hope…til we find our place…”

Well, we took a leap of faith and found our place in an unbelievable Serengeti safari experience! Where to begin? I’m sure so many of you fellow travelers are wondering about what traveling is like now, so I will give you an honest and extremely thorough account of our travels and sights during this crazy time. Get ready if you choose to read this, because it’s a very long blog!

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