20 Photo Tips for Shooting Wildlife

We’re very excited to tell you all about a new section of our website called – Our Photographic Ambassador. In this super comprehensive guide to safari photography, our expert wildlife cinematographer/photographer Jeff Smith shares 20+ tips to ensure you capture the most awe-inspiring and unforgettable moments from your trip. From suggestions on cameras and lenses to details about shooting from a safari vehicle and packing your gear, he thoroughly answers all of the photo questions we’ve been gathering from our guests for years. Jeff should know a thing or two about how to show up prepared to shoot wildlife, he’s been on safari with us 5 times!

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It was much, much more than a safari, it was life changing is so many ways. Oh how true this was all 10 days of our Safari. When our friends Nancy and Lenny asked us if we wanted to go on a Safari with them, we had no idea what to expect. This would be their third safari with ADS. They tried to tell us what to expect and we watched every video on the ADS website and read all the blogs! It still was beyond our wildest dreams.

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