Mbalageti Tented Lodge: On the Thundering Path of the Northward Migration

Exceptional tented chalets overlooking the Mbalageti River Corridor. This lodge lies right on the thundering path of the northward migration during May and June. The property is perched on a secluded hill half way down the Western Corridor of the Serengeti and encompasses 24 unique tented chalets with thatched roofs, beautiful hardwood floors and private verandas. With its pristine location and timeless luxury, this is one of the most special properties in Tanzania.

Four years of construction and a “spare no expensive” attitude, combined with a top safari-lodge design team, has created a truly remarkable property. Mbalageti is perched on the crest of Mwamnevi Hill and offers panoramic views of the Mbalageti River Valley and Dutwa Plains below. This remote slice of the Serengeti is incredibly isolated, stunningly beautiful, and allows for a unique ‘off the beaten path’ safari experience.

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