Ngorongoro Crater Lodge: Your Castle in the Sky

Crater Lodge is commonly voted as the most luxurious lodge in all of Africa.Whimsical architecture, rich décor, and remarkable views combine to create a castle in the sky of your wildest dreams. So many adjectives come to mind but still fall short of describing this palatial estate called Crater Lodge. Even pictures don’t do it justice. You simply have to experience the extravagance first hand to understand what all the fuss is about, because so many other elements come into play.

Maybe you are a discerning traveler who has journeyed around the world seeking the ultimate in luxury accommodations. Maybe you are looking for an extraordinary way to celebrate that honeymoon, graduation, special anniversary, or milestone birthday. Or MAYBE you are simply looking for that one shining highlight to crown all of your other experiences in Africa. Regardless, we’ve got good news – you have finally found it here.

The stunning views of the yawning Ngorongoro Crater alone are priceless. Combine this with the impeccable service (like a private butler), lavish details (like dozens of roses strewn throughout the room), and delectable dining (complete with chandeliers, candles, crystal and silver) and you may have the crowning highlight of your entire African safari right here.

In spite of its “Versailles-like” ambience, this Lodge exhibits no trace of pretentiousness or conceit. The staff is warm, caring, and thoughtful. It is their most sincere desire that you have the best time of your safari right there at their beautiful Lodge, and they definitely go the extra mile to make it so.

In our new lodge spotlight series, enjoy this quick video filmed by Africa Dream Safaris at the one and only Crater Lodge. The manager and chef provide a video tour at this stunning location. Watch the video here:

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