Plantation Lodge: A Boutique Bed & Breakfast

How would you like to journey back to bygone times, where life is a little bit simpler and the soul can breathe? Where time slows to a crawl and there is beauty all around? Where the ambience is a reflection of how the world would be if “Out of Africa” ever met “Gone with the Wind”? Plantation Lodge may be that prescription your spirit needs. This is a ” stop whatever it is you are doing and smell the roses” type of place. The beauty of this Lodge is so highly regarded that many couples choose to get married under the postcard perfect terrace.

The estate is actually a working coffee plantation, situated on 45 acres of rolling green farmland and lush highland forest. As you enter the sunny reception area, you will be greeted by the gracious staff, dressed in their simple but freshly pressed aprons and smartly starched dress. You can stroll at your leisure through the beautifully manicured gardens, rows of lush coffee plants, and smartly trimmed lawns.

Take a refreshing dip in the lovely blue pool. Sit in the shade of avocado and eucalyptus trees and watch butterflies flit amidst fragrant blossoms while you listen to the buoyant melody of chortling birds. Stroll past the white-washed stucco buildings trimmed in dark wood and covered with thatched roofs. All the facilities are first class. As you explore the common interiors of the lodge, including the dining rooms and lounge, you can’t help but notice all the beautiful decorations – aged photographs, beautiful watercolors, intricate tapestries, wooden carvings, fresh flowers, flickering candles, and other artifacts of authentic African décor that are each deliberately placed to inspire and soothe the soul.

Like a boutique bed and breakfast hotel, every room has its own unique style, layout, and décor. The lodge consists of several houses, or chalets, spaced through the serene and well manicured grounds. Each chalet is decorated a little differently, but each is elegant and thoughtfully furnished. You can choose from doubles, triples, the honeymoon suite or even the garden house, which consists of 4 bedrooms and a private dining area.

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