5 Incredible African Safari Escapes

What could be more luxurious than experiencing a place completely unaware of civilization, where natural beauty and wildlife still reigns supreme? Imagine endless savannas teeming with millions of wildebeest, towering boulders sprawling with tawny lions, and collapsed volcanoes brimming in mist. It is hard to believe a place like this still exists, but it does. It is called Tanzania. These five incredible african escapes are sure to make your stay in Africa a luxurious and magical one.

1 / Luxury meets wilderness in the grandest of venues at Four Seasons Lodge . This five-star dream hideaway is pure bliss, a decadent oasis of unexpected luxury dropped in the middle of the raw Serengeti wilderness. Fantasy turned to reality, this lodge is designed for such a high standard of luxury that it will drop the jaws of the most discerning world-travelers. Most of the 72 suites overlook a beautiful azure infinity swimming pool and waterhole frequently visited by huge herds of elephants.

2 / Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is commonly voted as the most luxurious lodge in all of Africa.Whimsical architecture, rich décor, and remarkable views combine to create a castle in the sky of your wildest dreams. So many adjectives come to mind but still fall short of describing this palatial estate called Crater Lodge. Even pictures don’t do it justice. You simply have to experience the extravagance first hand to understand what all the fuss is about, because so many other elements come into play.

3 / At Swala Tented Lodge elephants frequent the waterhole just a few feet away from your tent. This intimate property offers unrivaled ‘in camp wildlife viewing’ and is the best kept secret inside Tarangire National Park. The property consists of just 9 luxury tents, and offers the ultimate in seclusion, personalized service, and authentic safari ambience. “Swala” is actually the Swahili word for “impala”, and there is no shortage of these graceful animals flitting through the nearby trees.

4 / Serengeti Bush Tops Camp is an ultra-luxury tented lodge with 14 spectacular suites. Far off the beaten path, lost deep in the untrammeled wilderness of the secluded North Serengeti, lies a totally unique property that epitomizes the words “Luxury” and “African Safari.” Every luxurious detail has been considered here…from complimentary massage service, to the outdoor hot-tub on each guest’s balcony, to the placement of all guest tents overlooking the western sky for uninhibited sunset views.

5 / Private Mobile Camp offers guests the option to camp out in the bush – the ultimate “once in a lifetime” experience. Private mobile camping is the most unique and rewarding way to experience that intangible “something” that makes the Serengeti so special. Imagine total privacy in the middle of the remote African savanna, where you can embrace the peace of this wilderness completely uninterrupted by other tourists. With wildlife only a few feet away from your tent, you’ll experience Africa in it’s most natural state.

For more options of places to stay while on your african safari, use our lodging questionnaire to figure out what style of lodging best suits you.

  1. Loved all the lodges we stayed in but our favorite experience was the 2 nights in the private mobile camps when our safari started. Best trip of our lives, Feb 2006