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Why We Chose A Private Tour

I have to say that planning this trip we were a little overwhelmed. Where to go, who to go with, where to stay, etc. Once we decided on the great migration and Tanzania it only got slightly easier! My wife and I have dreamed of exploring Africa since we were kids, this trip needed to fulfill a lot of expectations. Throw on top of this Kelly’s mother-in-law was going and needed some extra care, as well as 3 eager kids. After what seemed an endless research project, we ran into Africa Dream Safari. From the initial contact, we were very impressed.

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Lioness Hunting Gazelle Animation

A special thanks to Allie and Ed who just returned home from safari and submitted this picture stitch using google photo. The images were taken in the Central Serengeti with a Canon Rebel on sports mode. When on this setting, you can hold the shutter release down and the camera shoots at 3 frames per second until you let it up.

Allie & Ed – Safari Guests

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Meet Big Bird – An Amazing Tale From Tanzania

Have you met Big Bird yet? If you haven’t, you should watch one of the most amazing videos we’ve seen in a long time come out of Tanzania. After being orphaned from his family, Big Bird was adopted by the staff of Greystoke Camp located in Mahale National Park in Western Tanzania. Jeff, the camp manager, teaches Big Bird how to fish and a most unlikely friendship is born. This is a truly touching video…make sure to turn your volume on and enjoy!

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Saturday, July 18th – Serengeti National Park

Highlight of the day was seeing a mother cheetah and her five cubs. Since not everyone is fortunate enough to see even one cheetah on safari, it was quite a treat to see them – and to see them so close was added bonus.

Our guests watch as a cheetah crosses in front of their safari vehicle with her 5 cubs.

We are so impressed with our guide’s ability to accurately determine where some of these animals should be, taking us to the right spot, and then locating them. Like today. We were driving along and suddenly he turned around and said, “I think there is a cheetah in the grass over here today.” We drove a little bit and saw another safari vehicle parked at the edge of a field, and our driver took us to another side of the same field, and directed our attention to the top of a termite mound near the center of the field.

The cheetah was sitting on top of the mound. We took out binoculars and watched a bit, and then David (guide) said, “This is a mother, and she has cubs. See? See the cubs?” I had to really ‘tune up’ the binoculars to see even one of the cubs, as they were so tiny and we were so far away. Then momma cheetah stood up, and we began to see tiny little tails wagging around near her feet.

Next thing we know, David says, “Hold on!” and he started the vehicle, moving us around to another side of the field, parking just in the spot where momma cheetah was leading her family. Thus, we were in the ideal spot to watch them cross the road right in front of us.

Bob and Mary S.
Amarillow Texas
Safari Dates: July 9, 2015 to July 20, 2015

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Mbalageti Tented Lodge: On the Thundering Path of the Northward Migration

Exceptional tented chalets overlooking the Mbalageti River Corridor. This lodge lies right on the thundering path of the northward migration during May and June. The property is perched on a secluded hill half way down the Western Corridor of the Serengeti and encompasses 24 unique tented chalets with thatched roofs, beautiful hardwood floors and private verandas. With its pristine location and timeless luxury, this is one of the most special properties in Tanzania.

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New ADS Video Series – When to Go On Safari (Part 4 of 4)

We hope you enjoy the last installment of our new 4-part video series entitled ‘When To Go On Safari’. Don’t forget to click the expand arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the video player to enlarge the video to full screen.

Bringing to life what still pictures cannot fully express, our filmmakers did a superb job in representing Tanzania’s magnificent animals, breathtaking scenery, luxurious accommodations, and gracious people in a very authentic way. Look for interviews with real clients on safari as they give feedback on their personal experiences. Our new 4-part video series filmed in the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater includes the following titles: ‘The Safari Experience’, ‘African Wildlife’, ‘Our Safari Guides’ and ‘When To Go On Safari’.

Click here to watch Part 1: The Safari Experience

Click here to watch Part 2: African Wildlife

Click here to watch Part 3: Our Safari Guides

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Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Africa Dream Safaris. Leading the way in private, custom-tailored safari tours to East Africa, we feel honored to have fostered such a vibrant community over the years. Let us take this opportunity, during this week of thanks, to show our deepest gratitude to the wonderful guests who have traveled with us (some more than once), our incredible staff of bush guides and safari specialists, and the conservation and humanitarian partners we so proudly sponsor.

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Mount Meru Resort: The Best Arusha Has to Offer

Mount Meru Resort is Arusha’s one and only 5-star resort! Situated at the foothills of Mount Meru, the Resort lies on 15 acres of lush landscape and offers discerning guests a welcome blast of luxury and modern conveniences when they need it the most, while maintaining an old-world charm that still celebrates the exotic flair of Africa and warm hospitality of the Tanzanian culture.

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