Safari Guest Spots Pack Of Rare Wild Dogs

A special thanks to our safari guests Marybeth and Janet from Boulder Creek, California who sent in this video of their extraordinary sighting from Tarangire National Park taken on October 13, 2015.

African Hunting dogs are sometimes seen in both Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks, although sightings are rare and special. These interesting looking dogs have a mottled arrangement of different colored fur that cover their bodies like a tie dye T-shirt. The color palette, arranged together in a calico pattern, includes mustard color and mud colored fur with black and white patches. These dogs run in packs of 6-20 animals; they are efficient, determined hunters but their kills can be quite gruesome to watch. Each pack has a dominant breeding pair that raise up to 16 puppies in one litter.

The pups are hidden in dens for almost 12 weeks until they are strong enough to keep up with the adults. In the meantime, the pups are supported by the rest of the adults who regularly bring them food. Sadly, the mortality rate of wild dogs is high as dens are often flooded during the rainy season.



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