As we have learned through 6 safaris with Africa Dream Safaris, the operative word to ensure a very successful and exciting adventure, is Patience. Some people would call what we observed as lucky, but I like to refer to luck as: when planning meets opportunity. This, combined with our patience to observe a single animal for hours at a time led to some very unique and rewarding experiences.

The planning aspect of our safaris starts and ends with ADS, which has always been done at an exceptional level. The moment we arrived at Kilimanjaro International we were whisked away to the VIP entry building bypassing the normal hour long wait. The VIP process took just a matter of minutes and from this point forward, to our drop off back at Kilimanjaro…it all ran like clockwork and significantly reduces any angst we might have had with such a complex journey.

Our guide was exceptional and had an excellent sixth sense for finding elusive animals which other companies completely missed. Three distinct times we were the first to discover a leopard allowing us undisturbed and unique interactions. And those were just 3 of the 6 total leopards we observed.

Carnivores and the migration go hand in hand or more so, paw to mouth, as there was no shortage of hunts and predation. A highlight certainly was tracking a cheetah and her 2 cub hunt for their morning meal, shadowing a wildebeest herd. After more than 30 minutes of her patience and ours, her young wildebeest prey was spotted, hunted, and fed upon all within a few minutes. To witness this whole process and to see a cheetah sprint in top gear are memories which are never forgotten.

For you birders and photographers, the variety of species is astounding. The Ngorongoro Crater and the Ndutu areas have always been wonderful locations for experiencing avian wildlife. Once again we experienced an abundant variety of birds including some first time species.

Our guide surprised us at the end of our safari and provided us with 3 hand written pages of the 89 species of birds we observed, along with their respective Serengeti/Ngorongoro locations. ADS, above and beyond once again. Side bar: ADS vehicles are equipped with power outlets and bean bags for you serious photographers which was certainly a big plus for our photography needs.

The lodges and staff were exemplary. From the ideal locations we selected with ADS, we were immersed in the migration for the majority of our 16 day safari. The tented lodges are always our favorite and our stay in Woodlands Camp at Naabi Hill, surrounded by the migration for 6 days, was certainly a most unique/exciting experience.

The animals literally came to us and waking up to wildebeest, zebra, and giraffe is the best alarm clock ever. We cannot say enough about the staff at the lodges, who were once again wonderfully engaging and wanted to ensure we had the best possible experience. We were treated to surprise bush breakfast/dinners, which the staff was so happy to provide us and were so very much appreciated.

We have not lost any of our enthusiasm for our safaris, the wonderful people of Tanzania, nor has ADS lost any of its luster for us since our first safari in 2005. ADS ensures you will be able to maximize the patience needed to observe those very unique safaris moments. Moments in time of which African Safari Dreams are made.

Peter and Jody A.
Oro Valley, Arizona
Safari Dates: April 17, 2023 to May 02, 2023

Our Tent At Woodlands Camp at Naabi Hill

The View Of Wildebeest Migration from Woodlands Camp

Seronera Sametu Camp (note the leopard in the top right corner)


  1. Phenomenal pictures! We did this couple of years back …. 6 times! So envious -:)

    1. Thank you Allison! We use Canon R5s with Canon lenses 24mm to 700mm. The new mirrorless cameras with Canon’s RF 100-500 lens really rocks. Even using the 1.4x extender does not degrade the image. As good as the ADS site is with posting the pics the originals show a crazy amount of resolution.

      Just as important as the gear is ADS to get you to the most favorable animal locations first. Just one reason why we continue to go with ADS.

  2. Your pictures are spectacular. I would also love to know what camera you used..Your pictures do make me long to return to Tanzania. Asante-sana.

    1. Jambo Doreen and thanks! See above for camera details. If you want any further details on gear or post processing, feel free to email me.

  3. Peter and Jody… so great to see you out there again… Your shots are spot on. Really nice stuff and I know you must be proud of it. Keep up the good work!!! Hope to see you again.

    jeff smith
    Oasis Films / ADS Photographic Ambassador

    1. Thanks very much Jeff! Coming from such an accomplished photographer and videographer, very much appreciated.