I Am Ready To Go Again!

I wanted to express how appreciate I am, and others I am sure, for all of the time and consideration given to our group, especially since it was extended to us because of Covid. That in itself speaks volumes about the quality and commitment of Africa Dream Safaris.

It was a trip of my dreams and I enjoyed every moment. From the airport pickup to the last day in Arusha, it was perfect. All of the people, staff, accommodations, vehicles, schedules and very special extra treats made it memorable. Having a bush breakfast while watching gazelles and zebra graze is hard to describe. Thank you, Thank you!

Lastly but not the least, were our guides. They were so kind, patient, funny and accommodating every step of the way. Their knowledge and interest in their county and what they are doing is evident in everything they do. They were the icing on the already perfect cake.

I wanted you to know and just reiterate how wonderful and appreciative I am for you all making it happen. I am ready to go again and hope to some day in the not too distant future.

Asante Sana
Cindy B.
March 24, 2023 to April 01, 2023

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  1. Dawn, I have a couple of questions. There is a photo of a day time meal and mentions of bush dinners and savannah lunches that were spectacular. If bush dinners are in lodges, then our’s were spectacular also. What is a spectacular savannah lunch? No complaints, but I don’t think they are describing the brown baggers that we ate in the car. Would they have returned to the lodge for lunch? Our only outdoor meal in daylight suitable for a photograph was at the volcano. Is one allowed to eat outside the car in the Serengeti? Couple that I referred went shopping for safari clothes then he died within a month. That is it, all is well here. Denny

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