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Once in a Lifetime To Twice in a Lifetime

We did a once in a lifetime photo safari to the Serengeti back in February 2018. Within a year, the magic of this place started calling our names again. I called Dawn Anderson, with Africa Dream Safaris, to get the planning process initiated for the second time. Since our first trip was during the green season, we thought we’d like to experience a dry season safari, with hopes of witnessing a Mara River crossing. We eventually booked our trip for mid August.

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East Africa, at Last

She struts across the savannah, attitude on full display. At around four feet tall and ten pounds, she’s not the biggest thing out here, but she has swagger and a killer kick. I watch her chase several immense vultures off a carcass, just because she can. This is the most unique bird of prey in all the world—crane-like long legs, a bare red/orange face, hooked beak, and crazy black feathers on the back of her head. Over the course of ten days, I see about a dozen of these entertaining birds, sashaying across the most wondrous place in all the world—the Serengeti in Tanzania. The secretary bird is one of 201 bird species I record on my Sep 2019 trip with my 29-year-old daughter Daisy.

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Every Day Had WOW Moments!

Before my wife and I visited the Serengeti, I had 2 fears. First, I had visited the Serengeti 50 years ago and was fearful it had changed for the worse. I was pleasantly surprised that the wildlife was still very diverse and plentiful. Second, I was fearful my wife would not enjoy herself. She’s a city girl not used to camping. After our first night “glamping” she announced she loved it. She was enthralled every day with the immense vistas and close proximity to animals. She dubbed the extraordinary daily events as “WOW moments”.

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The Greatest Experience Of Our Lives

People keep asking about our African Safari and it’s still hard to put into words. We have told people that if we could use one word to describe the trip, it would be “SURREAL”! All the planning for the perfect safari was easy with African Dream Safaris. Sharon Lyon walked us through the process step by step. She allowed me to plan the trip to fit our wants, needs and budget making it a success from the start.

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Return To Tanzania

Our hearts sank as we saw the horde at Immigration deplaning at Kilimanjaro. But then we see our name beckoning on a placard. Skirting round the corner past the teeming horde, we are greeted and whisked past the crowd to wait near the Customs Officer’s booth. Assisting with Immigration and clearing us well ahead of the madness is most welcome ADS; asante sana. Many of that horde were also coming for safari.

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An Enlightening Visit With the Maasai

I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic safari experience we had in Tanzania. It was more of an adventure, in a very good way, then I could have ever imagined. The accommodations, as well as the food, were first class. Our guide, Ally, was so experienced and knowledgeable that he was like a member of the family showing us the wonders of where he lives.

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We Saw It All Including Multiple Wildebeest Crossings!

Our safari exceeded all of our expectations and it was because of the amazing people at Africa Dream. From our trip advisor Sharon Lyons to the team that met us when we landed at Kilimanjaro Airport and ushered us through customs; from the individual and special welcome at each lodge to our knowledgeable and attentive guide, Davis, our African vacation was truly an awesome, once in a lifetime experience.

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