Our Third Safari To Tanzania With ADS!

September 2022 marked our third visit to Tanzania with Africa Dream Safari. It was our best trip yet. I am frequently asked, “If you’ve been there, haven’t you already seen it all?” My response is that since this isn’t like visiting a zoo, every trip is unique and exciting. This trip was no exception.

We began each day just before sunrise to increase our chances of seeing the predators coming in after the nights hunt for food. We were not disappointed. Most days we stayed out until about 4pm exploring and seeking out birds, trees and each of the “big five,” along with the other mammals.

We saw no fewer than 5 leopards, a remarkable number given this elusive predator. Highlights included a young brother and sister playing together on a kopji, and a male leopard enjoying a recent kill of a huge python who had recently eaten himself, which was exhilarating (see photo below).

We saw lionesses with their cubs, a male lion dragging a carcass for a snack later, and elephants in herds with tiny baby elephants. In addition to the predators are the opportunists who wait their turn; vultures, Marabou storks, and eagles. The list goes on and on.

While Africa is known for its animals, one must acknowledge the magnificent trees and beauty of the savannah, Ngorongoro Crater and the lakes. We witnessed sunrises and sunsets that were magnificent.

Our accommodations were superb with staff who were attentive and most accommodating. It was fun to talk with staff who inquired about our days’ experiences, as they practiced their English proudly. Because we left the lodges before breakfast most days we took box breakfasts and sometimes lunches each which contained an abundant amount of tasty food from which to choose.

I should add that taking box breakfasts and lunches was our choice, after discussion with our guide. We didn’t want to miss any opportunities. Dinners at the lodges produced great meals to conclude a busy day.

Tanzania provides an incredible assortment of animals, birds, trees etc. for viewing. The trip was absolutely made by our guide Chris who had fantastic instincts and strategies so we’re were in the best viewing position at just the right time. Saying good bye after the two weeks was like saying good bye to a friend.

If a safari is on your bucket list, don’t delay. Make the decision and we highly recommend Africa Dream Safari to coordinate your dream trip. You won’t be disappointed.

Bill and Ginger B.
Sunset, South Carolina
Safari Dates: September 03, 2022 to September 13, 2022

  1. Great pics! I have been twice with ADS and look forward to a 3rd! Always loved the boxed breakfasts and lunches.

  2. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 1 1/2 years since our trip…and we are planning to go back as soon as possible! Enjoyed reading about your recent adventure! And unless you’ve been there, it’s impossible to describe!

  3. I have also done 3 safaris with ADS and would do another. Your comments about the beauty of the landscape is so true. As well as the beauty of the people. A bit disappointing that it has become more difficult to get the flights to get to Tanzania.

    1. We had a 21 hour layover in Amsterdam this time going to Kilimanjaro. At first I was hugely disappointed but this actually worked out better. We had a room at the Sheraton which is attached to the Schiphol airport so it was an easy walk over in the morning to catch our flight.