A Trip Of A Lifetime For Our Family!

It’s hard to put into words this trip. Africa…it has been on my bucket list forever and I knew I would make it there someday…and last week it finally happened! The best part – was that it was a total family affair in honor of our fiercely loving, fiery, Italian Mimi and her 80th trip around the sun…and what a celebration it was!! 5 families, 18 of us that included 8 adults and 10 teens made the trek to Tanzania.

After many long plane flights, we were greeted by our amazing ADS team…who became like bonus members of our family as well as our seamless gateway to the unforgettable beautiful and serene Serengeti. We truly experienced Africa and all that this amazing country had to offer.

We witnessed stunning sunrises/sunsets, the joyful, hardworking African people, majestic mount Kilimanjaro, unforgettable children of St. Jude’s school, our badass safari guides who were ahhmazing who had X-ray vision and could navigate the plains like the back of their hand, a front row seat to the great migration (yes think lion king), 250k wildebeests, countless zebras, giraffes, gazelles, baboons, buffalos, many lions, one cheetah, one leopard and one lone rhino (completing the African big 5)…and a million laughs and stories…we did it!

And the craziest part was that my elderly parents were leading the charge at 5am most mornings…they are truly amazing! This quote by Hemingway couldn’t be more perfect… “If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa,” and personally, I couldn’t agree more!

A special huge thank you to Dawn, Joseph, Roman, Fazel, Michael and Ellison for making this the trip of a lifetime for our family…one that we will always cherish!!

Kristen K. and Family
Evansville, Indiana
Safari Dates: July 16, 2022 to July 21, 2022