The VIP Treatment At The Airport Was A Real Treat!

Our trip, of course, was spectacular. Our guide and new best friend, Ally, was wonderful and so knowledgeable, the lodges fabulous, and the wildlife sightings superb. With this being our second trip with ADS, we expected nothing short of that and it was certainly delivered. We saw all the large predators and many smaller ones, many antelope species, primates, birds and other fun and interesting wildlife.

We learned so much about the Mara River wildebeest crossings and were there to experience the largest one so far this year. A wonderful, beautiful thing to see and hear. Who knew that the sound of thousands of happy wildebeest was so amazingly musical.

Our balloon ride was magical and such a treat. Our pilot and crew were wonderful and a great time was had by all. Felt like a little bit of heaven.

We were a little skeptical about the long distance to Mbuzi Mawe Lodge but the clear air and amazing wildlife experience with the lions and hyenas made it worth it.

Leopards, giraffes and elephants are my favorites to see and we saw and experienced them in abundance. We spent long periods just sitting and enjoying them doing what they do.

For the first four days I kept a list of everything we saw that day, noting it as we went. After the fourth day I couldn’t keep up with the photography, viewing and notes so gave up on the notes.

All the ADS special treatment along the way was greatly appreciated. From setting up the trip with your expert help and accommodation, Dawn, to Ally helping us buy the super delicious Maasai honey. Mpingo Ridge Lodge was quite something. Thank you! We really enjoyed our time there. The VIP treatment at Kilimanjaro airport was a real treat…it made our arrival so much easier.

Bonnie and Art W.
Aptos, California
Safari Dates: July 16, 2022 to July 28, 2022