A Spectacular Adventure!

When my wife and I started planning our trip to Tanzania with Africa Dream Safaris we knew immediately we had never worked with a more professional group of Travel Experts. To say they know and understand a Tanzania safari is an understatement. They are true experts. We decided to go during the rainy season (low season) which was truly magical. It rained mostly at night, and we were never wet while on Safari.

We arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport and were immediately whisked into the VIP section of the terminal, fed snacks and our own private immigration officer. The process took maybe 10 minutes. We were then introduced to Janet from ADS who was our liaison in Arusha and taken to the Arusha Coffee Lodge. Needing some rest, we spent the next day in Arusha and toured the Food Market with Janet and a guide that she secured for us.

With Janet we knew we were in good hands with Africa Dream Safari’s. Next, we stopped at the Cultural Heritage Center before going back to the Lodge. Dinner that night at the lodge, unbeknownst to us, Janet had arranged a special feast with singing and dancing. We later learned Janet had planned these special events throughout our next nine days in the bush.

The following day we were escorted to Arusha airport by Janet to catch our flight into Serengeti National Park and to the Seronera Airstrip. Exiting the 12-seater plane we met our ADS guide, Roman Desderius and began our safari adventure.

After seeing Lions and Hippos within 5 miles of the airport we were treated to a special Safari Bush Lunch arranged again by Janet with the lunch catered out in the middle of nowhere by the staff from the Sametu Camp. We stayed at the lodge for the next two nights.

Our Sametu Camp accommodation was the true epitome of Glamping, and the food was fabulous. However, I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Sametu. Ramadan was an amazing guy. We were up at 5.00am every morning here (the Sametu Ramadan brought us Coffee with our wake up) had breakfast in the main lodge at 5:30 and in the Safari truck by 6am with box lunches for the day.

The animal viewing was amazing and Roman knew all the right spots. Back at the lodge we were informed to wear shoes to dinner and upon arrival at the lodge we were escorted to a Bush dinner with singing and dancing. Thank You Janet!

Up again the next day there was a slight delay as 5 lions decided to march through the reception area to look at 2 bronze Zebras. They must have thought this was going to be an easy meal.

After breakfast Roman steered us to the Gol Kopjes where we found a large portion of the Wildebeest migration. As far as one could see there were thousands of Wildebeest, Zebras, and Gazelles. Of course, we found all the fat and happy Lions also. Roman told us that if we came back the next day most of the migration would be gone.

From the migration we headed to our next stay at the Lake Masek Tented Lodge. Again, Glamping at its finest!! Arriving there was not much hustle and bustle, and we came to find out we were the only three at the lodge with its full staff. The low season should be on everyone’s radar.

The next day (up at 5am breakfast 5:30 gone by 6am) we went back to the Gol Kopjes and as Roman had said most of the migration had moved on. Searching the outlying areas we saw our first Cheetah.

A little later a group of trucks showed us our second Cheetah. An hour later two other trucks had spotted another Cheetah and her cub on the move. We followed her with the other trucks for about 45 minutes until she and the cub laid down. Roman was convinced she was hunting and just resting for the cub. The other vehicles grew impatient and left.

We stayed and ate our lunch watching. About an hour later we were rewarded as the Cheetah got up and began walking towards a bunch of Wildebeest. She then began to walk faster, then jogged and then burst at full speed into the group of Wildebeest. Using the Wildebeest as a shield she pounced on a Gazelle.

Once the Gazelle was down you could hear her call her cub. When the cub finally showed up the feast began! Listen to your guide, have patience and you will be rewarded.

Back at Masek that night and two more people had shown up. The whole lodge was occupied by 5 people.

From Masek we headed to Ngorongoro and The Lions Paw camp. On the way we stopped at the Leaky site and a Maasi village. Getting to Ngorongoro conservation area just in time to see a pride of lions with cubs. Lions Paw had another family there of 6 so nine of us this night.

Up early again and first in the area rewarded us with a rhino sighting, huge elephants, flamingos, and pelicans. That night the family left, we were the only three at the resort and we had another bush dinner. Again, thank you Janet!

From Lions Paw we ventured to The Treetop Lodge for a night and another dinner with singing and dancing. One more time Thank you Janet!

It was an amazing time, and we were treated like VIPs from the beginning to end. The trip exceeded our expectations, and we cannot thank African Dream Safaris enough for a remarkable adventure! We are already planning our next trip with ADS!

John and Kathleen R.
Parker, Colorado
Safari Dates: April 17, 2024 to April 23, 2024