Who Needs Roads Where We Traveled!

When we decided to go to Africa for a Safari we spent a month looking into different companies. We literally started from scratch not knowing a thing. We decided Africa Dream Safaris was the best choice. That had to be the understatement of the year. From the initial questions, conference calls, emails and phone calls, we were constantly impressed and excited.

That being said, the Safari was 100 times more impressive. Every two days it was like, how can you out do this, yet with our guide Arnold it was certainly outdone each day. We were our own group of 4 from the start and felt like family by the end. Who needs roads where we traveled.

We saw the big 5 within the first 6 days. Definitely more than once! We saw at least three migrations including Wildebeests, Zebras and Gazelles. One of the longest Wildebeest migrations across the river lasted just over an hour…an unbelievable sight that pictures and recordings don’t do it justice.

We witnessed Cheetah kills (*see video below *), Leopard Kills, Crocodile kills, Lions hunting including magnificent male brothers and a lioness hunting to feed her cubs. Each day had its own impressive events. The amazing flocks of Flamingos taking off and landing as if they were on a busy aircraft carrier. Flocks of buzzards doing their thing. Elephant families in the mud bath taking turns, chasing off unwanted guests. Elephants trumpeting. Funny side note we laughed that elephants don’t hold each other’s tails like we saw as kids in the circus.

The accommodations are spectacular in their own right. Each camp was better than the last. My wife is not a ‘tent person’ to say the least. She was blown away by the “tents”, which were more like a fancy hotel room under canvas. Electricity, hot and cold water, showers, bathroom, with tile floors, service with a smile. The tents were awesome! The lounge bar at each camp was a nice way to finish each day! Awesome food. Thought maybe I would lose a little weight on Safari, haha, nope.

I encourage anyone to listen to their guide and get out for game drives as early as possible. We kept running lists each day of the different animals and sights. Truly amazing adventure. Don’t forget to look out at night or early morning for the amazing stars. Watch the sunsets and sunrises which are really spectacularly fast!

Asante Sana Africa Dream Safaris!

John and Madonna C.
Cleveland, Ohio
Safari Dates: August 29, 2022 to September 07, 2022