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One Of The Most Thrilling Events Of Our Lives!

We can’t say enough wonderful things about our recent Africa Dream Safari, from the pre-travel planning to help negotiating the airports and COVID testing in the middle of the Serengeti. But mostly for our amazing, eagle-eyed, super knowledgeable guide Russell. He was with us all day, every day for our entire trip, which made it so personalized as he knew that we were interested in birds as well as the obvious animals, and that Ray was an elephant geek.

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It Was Simply Unbelievable!

Every lodge we stayed with quickly became our favorite, from the luxury of Arusha Coffee Lodge to the outstanding service at Escarpment Luxury Lodge. We absolutely loved the early coffee service in our luxury tent at Seronera Sametu Camp before heading out for our pre-dawn adventures. Lake Masek tented lodge was a total delight. We could hear the hippos grunting and snuffling as they dined on the lawn right outside our tent, and we love the little Bush Baby that lives in the tree near the dining area deck.

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We Knew It Would Be Wonderful But Were Not Prepared For An Experience Like This!

From the moment we made our reservations, to the time we arrived in Arusha and even after, Africa Dream Safaris provided a high quality safe adventure beyond anything we could have imagined. Even several months later, we all agree that we still can’t believe what we experienced during our 12 days safari.

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Africa Dream Safari Does It Again!

After a life-time of desire the dream came true; Our private luxury trip with ADS started with seeing Leopards, Lions, Elephants, Zebras, Gazelles and Giraffes –all within the first hour of being with Simon, our driver! As we watched other tour groups looking at lions from afar we were right up alongside of them!

While in the Crater we were fortunate to see 4 rhinos, at the marsh we watched a male lion drag his kill to eat in the shade and a mother Cheetah teach her 2 cubs to hunt. At each corner we were met by something truly amazing! After seeing other tour groups with up to 7 people in one vehicle we were convinced we had made the right decision in choosing a private tour with ADS.

Since we have returned home and shared our experience with others we have been asked if we were ever afraid or if there were any problems we encountered during our trip and we proudly answer NO – ADS created the perfect trip! We trusted them with our dream and they came through in every way possible for us.

Asante Simon, Sharon, and all the staff for putting together our DREAM TRIP of a life time!

Sue and Don J.
Sherwood, WI
Safari Dates: December 1, 2013 to December 10, 2013

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Spectacular, Serene, Superb, Magical!

Lynn: My wife and I just got back from our safari last night. Your company made our safari adventure, truly a trip of a life time. And although we never return to the same place twice in our travels, we are already considering returning. Everything met or exceeded our expectations.

And I cannot say enough about the professionalism shown by your guide Russell (who actually became “our guide” for the 7 days of safari). Although there is definitely danger out in the bush, we never once felt unsafe. He also made the other challenges of the bush enjoyable and inspiring. And while the number of animals and their environment presented all kinds of questions from our group, Russell knew the answers and provided additional insights that were not only educational and informative, but also pleasurable. He made our safari an adventure that we already cherish.

We asked out group to describe the safari in one word and here are the words suggested: Spectacular, Serene, Superb, Magical. Thank you again for putting us in such good hands while we were in Africa.

Patrick and Nancy S.
Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Safari Dates: June 25, 2013 to July 1, 2013

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We Spent The First Day Searching Out Huge Crocs

On June 12th my husband and I left for Africa to fulfill a dream that I had had since I was a little girl. Africa had been on my bucket list since I read ‘Bomba the Jungle Boy’. The real experience was much better.

I can’t say enough about how helpful Sharon was in planning and organizing the whole trip. She answered all my questions and she made the best plans for tent camps and arrangements for travel. Each camp was more beautiful than the previous one.

Our guide, Arnold was a wonderful choice. Not only was he knowledgeable about all of the animals and birds we encountered, but he was exceptionally fun to be with. Each day was a new adventure and we never failed to see copious animals and birds wherever we were. As Arnold was prone to saying, “Each day is a good day in the bush!” Boy was he right!

By the 4th day, we had seen the Big Five and most of the Little Five also. Since I had told Arnold that my favorite animal was the crocodile, we spent the first two days searching out huge crocs and hippos. I was sooo excited! My husband loved cape buffalos and we saw many of those as well as lions, cheetahs, leopards and more gazelles, wildebeests, and zebra than we could count. A highlight was having lunch in the middle of the Great Migration.

Everything that we saw in Africa was beautiful and exciting. It was all I had hoped for and much more. Ever since we got home, we have been showing our over 800 pictures to our friends and family. We are hoping to make another trip back to Africa within the next year and a half.

Thank you to Arnold and Sharon for making my childhood dream a reality.

Kathleen S.
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Safari Dates: June 13, 2013 to June 23, 2013

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Father and Daughter Journey to Tanzania

My name is Caroline. I would like to share my experience of doing safari in Tanzania with my dad. He set the trip up through African Dream Safaris. We arrived by plane on a dirt airstrip near the Mara River. After meeting our guide, Pokea, we were off on safari. Safari means you are riding in a vehicle looking for animals that you have only seen in a zoo. The first animals I saw were the hippos and then the antelopes followed by my first zebra encounter. Lions, elephants, giraffes and wildebeasts more numerous than you could imagine followed. I think the coolest animal we saw was the leopard in the tree and the cheetahs hunting in the grass. My personal favorite animal is the giraffe. They tower over everything and walk like they are stepping on marshmallows. We saw a lot of hippos but they were hard to photograph as they were always in the water. Giraffes are easy to take pictures of and maybe that is another reason that I like them.

Our camps varied as we traveled through the Serengeti. My favorite camp was Serengeti Soroi. We had a thatched roof, a pool on the ledge and views that stretched out before us. Everyone at all the camps made us feel special. The meals varied with different amounts of salad, fish and meat, and deserts but all were good. I liked the pumpking soup with almond the best.

Now that I am back home, it is like a dream that we went to Africa and did safari. It was the best trip I have ever had. My safari made me realize how much the world has to offer and how you need to try new adventures. I don’t know if I will ever equal this trip but I am glad that I had the opportunity to do it and I’m glad I went with my dad.


Oneida, Wisconsin
July 2012

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