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We Shall Always Remember The Majestic Landscape, Animals And People Of Tanzania.

Our safari to Tanzania exceeded our expectations! It was a life changing experience and one that we will never forget.

We researched several outfitters before we made our decision to use African Dream Safaris and were drawn to them by their promise of a worry free experience and the flexibility that was offered by a private safari. Their program was unique and well presented on their web site and brochures but we must admit that we were a bit skeptical as to their ability to deliver on all they promised.

When we contacted Dawn it was immediately obvious that she possessed a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. Her professional approach and patience put us immediately at ease. Still, it was hard to believe that our safari could be as simple and worry free as she described. With Dawns expertise we “built” our safari to our very specific wants and needs and it did not faze her at all. Dawn took over and we sat back in anticipation.

In short…ADS not only delivered on their promises but exceeded our expectations by a long shot!!! From the minute we touched down in Kilimanjaro it was obvious we were in good hands.

Our guide Francis met us at the airstrip in the Serengeti, took care of all the necessary paperwork and off we went on our adventure. Pam told Francis that she was most interested in seeing elephants and giraffes. Almost before we settled into our Range Rover, Francis had found several elephants and just a couple of minutes after that we were viewing giraffes up close and personal!

It was obvious that we were in expert hands with Francis. His knowledge, professionalism and personality were just what we needed to put us at ease. His ability to get us in the right spot for photo opportunities was excellent. Our doubts about ADS vanished.

We quickly learned that “roads” in the bush are really trails just wide enough in most cases for one vehicle to pass at a time. No worry here as Francis not only knew the roads but knew when to give us a heads up so that we could keep our heads on!!!!!

Throughout our safari, the wild life viewing was spectacular and the scenery was beautiful. We awoke each day with heightened anticipation for what the new day would hold for us. Francis did an excellent job of tailoring our days to our desires and used his expertise to maximize our experience.

It was obvious that Francis was on a mission on one of our Serengeti days. We headed off into the heavy bush and to our surprise, Francis spotted three black rhinos. These nearly extinct beautiful animals were majestic and awe inspiring. Francis explained to us how rare this sighting was and gave us an excellent vantage point for photos and viewing.

At one point, Francis asked our permission if he could “guide” another ADS guide to the location of the Rhinos to give them the opportunity to view these very rare animals. It was our pleasure to share our experience and Francis located the other party and led them to our viewing location.

The caring side of Francis for his country, his people and the animals was obvious as we progressed on our journey. It was heartwarming to experience his pride and his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise.

We chose to visit a Masai village near the Ngorongoro Crater area. This humbling experience was a highlight of our trip. The simplicity of these people, the hospitality and warmth with which they welcomed us gave us a true appreciation for the beauty of Tanzania and its diverse culture. It was our pleasure to share our time, talent and treasure with these genuine people.

Our safari was perhaps the best adventure trip we have ever taken. We shall always remember the majestic landscape, scenery, animals and people of Tanzania. We will always carry in our hearts the simplicity of the people and the beauty of the wild life and their habitat.

Robert and Pam A.
Dallas, Texas
Safari Dates: September 21, 2016 to October 3, 2016

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Being The Only Humans To Witness A Lion Kill Was Remarkable

The last animal we saw on Wednesday evening was a lone buffalo. Arnold, our guide, commented that was odd, as they are usually in a group. We woke early and noticed some buffalo tracks outside our tent. Heading out at sunrise we passed by two huge hippos staring at each other and we wondered how that confrontation was going to play out. The sun was rising and we headed onward into the Serengeti.

Arnold noticed some action to our left and he headed in that direction. There were about seven lions digging into a very large buffalo, the cubs almost disappearing into the stomach. We parked about 20 yards from the scene and watched the drama of the lionesses chowing down and keeping an old skinny male from even a bite.

We looked into the sky to see my nephew and friend flying overhead in a balloon. After many photographs and about an hour of viewing we went on to continue the game Drive that included seeing wildebeests and Zebras crossing the Mara River, elephant families roaming and a lone giraffe trying to reunite with her family across a stream.

At midday we headed back to camp and passed by the lion kill from the morning. There were different lions from the same pride going after the meat, still keeping the old guy away.

After lunch we headed back out to find a lone young lion guarding the kill from the circling hyenas and jackals and vultures waiting their turn.

At dusk we saw a few lions stripping the ribs of meat and cracking bones. The old lion finally had his turn.

The next morning we headed out to go to the next camp and passed by the kill scene; all that was left were the horns, a piece of skull and a few vertebrae. We regretted not watching the actual kill which we figure happened about 4am before we came upon it, and the cleanup by the hyenas, jackals and birds.

What an amazing experience to witness and realize that this happens every day on this planet. Being the only humans to witness this as well as being so close to the action was unbelievable.

I’m attaching some photos of our experience from start to finish.

Jill U.
Carbondale, Colorado
Safari Dates: October 23, 2016 to November 1, 2016

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Africa Stole My Heart

Africa Dreams Safari was nothing short of AMAZING! This was the best trip I have ever been on. After traveling all across Europe, Asia, Australia, and Mexico, Africa stole my heart. Africa Dreams surpassed my expectations with everything they provided. The amenities, staff, transportation, and food!

The minute we landed in Kilimanjaro we were greeted by their amazing staff. They were with us every step of the way. The staff was very professional, friendly, and educated. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the staff and learning about their way of life.

Once I got to the Serengeti, I was overwhelmed with how many animals were around the area. Our small plane had to actually fly close to the landing strip to move some of the animals off the area so we could land safely. Once landing, I was once again greeted by Africa Dreams amazing staff and my tour guide Michael.

Michael was very welcoming and did everything to make sure I was comfortable and enjoying myself. The next week was spent with Micheal and viewing the animals in their natural habitat. Michael knew exactly where to go and I saw everything!!! Lions, crocodiles, Black Rhino, Giraffes, Cheetahs, and Hippos to name a few. I learned so much from Michael as he has been a tour guide in the Serengeti for over 18 years!

This is definitely a once in a life time experience. I loved every minute of this trip. The hotels and campsites were great as well. The amenities made me feel right at home and everyone was so welcoming. If you are looking for an amazing Africa Tour, Africa Dreams Safari’s are the ones to book with. I promise you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to go back!

Debbie and Colin G.
San Diego, California
Safari Dates: October 10, 2016 to October 20, 2016

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All Told We Sighted Over 40 Mammal Species

Wow, from our very first Wildebeest Crossing on the Mara River in the Serengeti to our last day in Tarangire National Park that included a rare pack of 12 African Wild Dogs, our trip could not have gone better or exceeded our expectations more than it even did!

Every one of the 10 days included sighting of one or more of the big three cats (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah). In fact, three days in a row we were able to experience up close and personal sightings of ALL three of them and even one day a Serval cat as well!

We scored our “Big Five” on day three with a fascinating visit with a black rhino and her baby within 15-20 feet. To listen to the baby talk was a real treat. We watched a Tommy give birth, a Lion “event” (you will just have to ask your guide!), giraffes fighting, a Lion kill, 2 Leopards together, and a herd of Hippo rescue a Wildebeest from a giant Croc!

All told we sighted over 40 mammal species (and countless beautifully colored birds) – what a great safari! We chose to stay out all day, everyday, but returning to camp at night was like coming home. Gracious welcomes, cold libations, hot showers and wonderful accommodations were the norm.

Our three tented camps (Mara River, Seronera Sametu, and Lions Paw) were all well appointed and set on wonderful locations. An added bonus was the animal noises that served as lullabies every night.

Our two lodges (Migration and Maramboi) were true luxury, with one overlooking a hippo pool with resident giraffe “jeri”, while the other provided a beautiful view of Lake Manyara (only interrupted by the passing of multiple zebra, ostrich, and other animals!).

All of these wonderful days could not have been possible without Ema (Immanuel), a wonderfully talented, knowledgeable, conversant and truly delightful person/guide/driver to spend our days with.

Karabu – African Dream Safaris!

Scott and Peg P.
Livonia, New York
Safari Dates: September 30, 2016 to October 10, 2016

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Our Second Adventure With ADS

This is our second trip to Tanzania with African Dream Safaris in the last 3 years. There is no other company I would go on a safari with than ADS. Having the proper guide is the most important aspect that makes the difference between having a good safari experience and having a great safari experience.

Once again, we had a great safari experience due to our ADS guide. The ADS guides are superior to any other guides in their local knowledge and desire to make their clients have a “once in a lifetime” experience. Our ADS guide continuously put us in the proper position to maximize our animal viewing opportunities. Isn’t that why we go on a safari?

Brad C.
San Juan Capistrano, California
Safari Dates: September 21, 2016 to October 2, 2016

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September In The Serengeti – An Adventure Of A Lifetime

For the last 18 months, we have been reading of others experiences in Tanzania with Africa Dream Safaris. Now, we have the opportunity to add our input.

We returned from Tanzania on the 16th of September after eleven days on safari.

To say we had the time of a lifetime is to be conservative. Everything about the trip (except the plane engine that wouldn’t start on our outbound trip to the Netherlands) was perfect.

We’d particularly like to acknowledge all of the efforts of Sharon (Simba Lady). If no one else is, we’re sure she is glad we’re back – and the questions will stop. Another ADS employee that gets all of the thanks possible is our guide, Ellison. He found incredible opportunities for us, while keeping the most interesting roads imaginable manageable. In all seriousness, he made the trip.

The best gauge of how well the trip went – during the last three days, we actually got fussy about the pictures we took OF LIONS.

We’ve included a few of our favorite pictures, we hope you’ll enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed experiencing them.

Bev, Mike, Christine, Jack F.
Naperville, Illinois
Safari Dates: September 5, 2015 to September 15, 2015

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The ADS Staff Were Incredible In Managing A Very Scary Situation

I traveled to Tanzania nine years ago with Africa Dream Safaris and was deeply moved by this unique experience. Seeing so many beautiful animals touched my soul and the gentle people of Tanzania captured my heart. At the time, I was very impressed with the ADS team both at home and in Africa. Their enthusiasm about Tanzania was palpable and their knowledge of the Serengeti was evident in every detail of my trip.

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African Dream Safaris Made Our Dream Come True!

From the moment we landed in Arusha till we left Arusha for home your staff was right on. Our adventure started as we were attempting to land in the bush and our landing was aborted due to a Giraffe on the runway! We realized right then and there that this was going to be a special experience.

After we landed we met our guide, Emmanuel, who quickly became our friend. He was knowledgeable, patient, understanding and considerate. We left the airport and almost immediately we began to see animals “up close and personal.” Zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles were everywhere. Giraffes were majestic and elephants were lumbering along as we drove.

We were “lucky” (based on Emanuel’s skill ) to spend some time watching a cheetah and her four cubs frolic under a tree. If that was not enough, our first lion sighting also took place on the first day.

We ate our box lunch and continued to drive to River Camp. Here the staff could not have been more accommodating. After a delicious dinner and a good sleep, we started out in the morning hoping to see a river crossing. We sat at a location for about an hour as it looked like the wildebeests were getting ready to cross. Then suddenly the herd moved off – that is when we saw the reason – a lion had a wildebeast in his jaws! We followed the lion who took the kill in to a bush.

We left and continued on our quest for a crossing. Again, patience was the key and sure enough, we were able to observe a crossing. What an experience! This was all before lunch! Since we were very close to River Camp we went back for lunch – the table was set outside under a tree. Back to our home away from home – the Landrover – looking for a leopard. Sure enough Emmanuel got us a leopard – in a tree very close to the road.

I do not know how he did this but we were able to get close to so many animals. Every day was better than the one before. Lions, cheetahs, leopards seemed to be waiting to meet us! While the drives between camps were long, they were interesting and gave us a real feel for the vastness of the Serengeti.

We were only missing a rhino to complete our wish list. In the crater, way off in the distance we observed a young rhino sleeping. Well we thought that was enough – not Emmanuel. He told us that as it cools down the rhino may start to move. We drove around for a while and returned to see the rhino still sleeping. Do not give up was our motto. Patience paid off – after about an hour the rhino woke up and started a slow but steady walk in our direction.

The rhino, as if on command, came to the road and walked right behind out vehicle! What a way end our Africa Dream Safari!!!

Janet and David C.
Beechhurst, New York
Safari Dates: October 10, 2015 to October 18, 2015

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On Safari with the Author of Bradt Travel Guide to Tanzania

Africa Dream Safaris was delighted to host Philip Briggs and his wife Ariadne Van Zandbergen for a 15-day safari. Philip was in Tanzania doing research for the latest editions of the Bradt Tanzania Travel Guides. Philip Briggs is the author of the prestigious and well-respected BRADT Travel Guides. Philip’s published works include Bradt Guides to Tanzania, Northern Tanzania Safaris, and East African Wildlife, as well as many several other books about Africa. Many loyal fans follow Philip’s travel advice and recommendations very closely when planning their own dream safari vacations. And rightfully so…Philip has traveled extensively in Tanzania for many years and offers an unparalleled perspective from which to judge any African Safari company. So, needless to say we were thrilled when he came back with a glowing review for Africa Dream Safaris!

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GREEN vs. DRY Season Safari

I recently completed my third safari with Africa Dream Safaris. Two of them were in September and October during the dry season and the last one in January during the short wet season. Friends have asked which season I liked best and which would I pick to return. Good questions.

I have to give this answer. “It all depends.” All of my safaris have been different. Yes, there were some similarities, but each season holds surprises and great beauty. Each season provides experiences you will never forget.

The dry September/October Season is the time to watch the Wildebeests crossings at the Mara River. That frenzy is quite similar to their rushing about in the dusty Hidden Valley during the short wet Season. There are vast numbers of them at both times but during the wet you experience the herds spread out on the plains from horizon to horizon which is quite indescribable.

During the dry, you can see how well the animals are camouflaged in the golden brown grass. You experience the animals’ constant hunt for water and learn how that leaves them vulnerable.

In the wet, the deep grasses hide both the predators and their quarry. The great vulnerability now is that they are giving birth and are trying to protect their babies from danger. The predators were more numerous with us spotting 36 hyenas at one watering hole.

The beauty of the dry for me lies in the harshness and the heat. The beauty of the short wet season is the abundance of birds and flowers. You could easily turn into a “birder” at this time of year. In our lodge at Ndutu many birders were able to set their cameras up on their front porches and photograph birds of all types in comfort.

It’s so hard to choose one over the other. Perhaps I just have to go back a few more times in order to decide. If I do, it will definitely be with ADS because one of the things I have learned is how to take full advantage of the services they provide.

We always use the same guide so we are not always starting out from scratch each trip. Meeting up with Wilfred each time is like getting back together with a friend. He knows how we like to spend our time. Same with the ground staff…we see many of the same faces each time as they stay with ADS for years. I am sure we have asked them all a thousand questions but they always answer with a smile.

We are up and out of camp every morning at dawn and do not return until dusk. The best animal action is usually in the morning and evening because the animals rest in the heat of the day. Staying out also means you get further away from the bulk of the tours and often do not see another vehicle for hours.

Biggest lesson Wilfred taught us was staying put. Yes, waiting…and waiting. If the animal is hungry or has babies to feed waiting pays off. Sooner of later something is going to happen and it is going to happen too fast for you to drive back to it. We have had jeeps wait with us for a few minutes…loaded with expensive camera equipment but short on patience. They drive off and leave the action behind. Relax, grab a snack and wait.

Bottom line is that you will have an amazing experience in any season.

Link to my October 2012 safari: https://blog.africadreamsafaris.com/?p=9981

Link to my January 2015 safari: https://blog.africadreamsafaris.com/?p=25408

Chris C.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Green Season

Dry Season

Green Season

Dry Season

Green Season

Dry Season

Green Season

Dry Season

Green Season

Dry Season

Green Season

Dry Season

Green Season

Dry Season

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We Saw 86 Different Species Of Animals!

My husband has wanted to travel to Africa and “see animals” since he was a small child. Visiting Africa was the number one item on his bucket list. After several months of research, he selected Africa Dream Safaris. The dream became a reality when we left Arusha September 30th.

Our 10 day safari was everything we dreamed of and more. Our guide Malaki ensured that we encountered amazing sights every single day! When we had seen the “big 5” on day 2, we wondered what the future days would hold for us. That was not a concern. We saw 86 different species of animals. We saw two leopards in a tree with a herd of elephants passing beneath them. Even on our last day on the return drive to Arusha we saw a female Gerenuk (Malaki had not seen the species in 5 years), and two cheetahs (mother and son) near the road.

Our most memorable sight was an amazing river crossing of wildebeest and zebra that lasted more than 30 minutes. Thundering wildebeest jumping off a cliff is an awe inspiring sight! The Serengeti is a special place. The Swahili definition of the word Serengeti (Endless Plain) is appropriate.

The camps were wonderful (6:00 am delivery of flavorful coffee to our tent exceeded our expectations). The people were extremely friendly and welcoming. The country is beautiful. A sunset with a Flat Top Acacia tree in the foreground is breath taking.

We would definitely recommend ADS. We had the trip of a lifetime. Dawn helped to ensure that we knew what to expect, and that we were prepared. Malaki made the trip so special – he was a wonderful guide who we will always remember. He had four engineers in the vehicle and he patiently answered our questions about the vehicle (fuel capacity, whether thorns from Whistling Acacia trees cause flat tires, etc.) as well as geography, animal habitats, etc. He helped us learn about the country, the people, and the animals of Tanzania. We have so many wonderful memories. Asante.

Mike and Susan H.
Columbus, Indiana
Safari Dates: September 30, 2014 to October 8, 2014

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Thrown into the Lion King!

Not sure what it is about Africa that gets under my skin, but I am sitting here at Rome airport with the last remaining red dust in my hair, saying goodbye to one heck of an experience!

A lifetime ago, but only a few weeks ago, Chris and I flew into Kilimanjaro airport, then took a small plane to the North Serengeti. There, we met our 32 year old Maasai game driver. He packed us into the 8-seater Toyota Land Cruiser, and boy, were we in for a wild ride! Or as locals say, an African massage – the 4 wheel drives through the wild, searching for the wilder life ahead.

All 10 days of the game drive were full of surprises- our vocabulary consisted of three words/expressions: OMG, WOW , and asante sana (thank you). Our driver, Emanuel, took us into the North Serengeti the first day, and we learned the basic three rules of life here: #1 Get Food, #2 Reproduce and #3 Try Not To Get Killed. The rest of the journey, we learned the patterns of behavior around these three rules- a harmony of nature that speaks to the simplicity and nasty brilliance of the order here. Nature teaches us such important lessons…

Within the first few hours of bouncing through the rough fields, Emanuel had spotted 3 of the Big 5, and i was not sure if I had been thrown into Lion King, or was living a National Geographic adventure. Graceful Maasai giraffes were all around us, and we passed lionesses with cubs under a nearby tree.

Emanuel was determined to get us to North Serengeti as the great wildebeest migration was taking place across the Mara river. Wildebeests have herd behavior in their annual migration, and they negotiate, so they will come close to crossing, then step back while we have our zoom lenses poised, and we will have to wait 2 hours for another decision.

The final decision is made by a female wildebeest, and of course is usually right. This is a wonderful opportunity for crocodiles, lions, hyena, vultures etc. to have their Thanksgiving dinner, as the weak wildebeest are such a nice treat. We saw two lions enjoying such a big meal, and here it was – the basic rule #1. There was a line-up with vultures overhead, and hyenas watching for their turn. Soon, there would be nothing left. Talk about a great recycling program!

The most fantastic lessons we learned were lessons of animal partnerships i.e. zebras travel with these wildebeests, because zebras have great eyesight, and eat different grasses, can’t smell a thing, and wildebeests are quite blind, can smell rain miles away, so they make one great team. As well, grazers (buffalo) work well with browsers (giraffe) because they eat different diets, as well. Elephants do both, and driving through elephant country is driving through mass destruction – trees ripped apart, stampeded undergrowth everywhere! But they are so cute!

Tanzania has more than 120 tribal groups in its hills and plains. There are ancient bushmen tribes that represent some of the most primitive of all. They are isolated from outer world, and survive on roots, snakes, baboons, and wild fruit. A prominent proud nomadic tribe called the Maasai are tall, graceful, dressed in stunning colors, and use their cows like we use ATM machines. They live with their cows, claim wealth according to # of cows, (therefore more wives) and drink cow milk mixed with cow blood as a main meal (sorry if I ruined your next meal). Emanuel took us to a non touristy Maasai village where he knew most of the people, and we went into their small dung-mud huts to see the interior designs. Lynn wouldn’t have approved…There people walked miles and miles each day to find food for their cattle, often with 2 or 3 youngsters helping herd the cattle.

One afternoon, we came across a lion and pregnant lioness, but our truck got stuck in a hole, and the lion roared really loudly. I was standing up in the truck at the time, and my new sunglasses flew out of the truck. Emanuel rocked the truck and called for help, but eventually got us out. Chris rolled up the windows quickly, and I sat down- asked Emanuel to forget the sunglasses, but he went back, and put the truck between lion and sunglasses, then swooped down and grabbed them. We motored out of there full throttle, hearts pounding!

Another day, we saw a leopard and two cheetahs on the hunt…so graceful and fluid as magnificent pussy cats you want to reach out and just hug! As well, we saw a huge pool of hippos all cuddle up together, waddling in the water, pink behind the ears with their gel-like SPF they secrete to protect them from the sun. A piece of trivia- what do zebras sound like when they make noises? Answer: dogs!

After travelling from North to South Serengeti, we came to the Olduvai Gorge. Here is an example of shifting plate tectonics where millions of years of archaeology are presented in a shelf for the viewing. And here is where Dr. and Mrs. Leakey made one of the most important archaeologic discoveries of our time- the “first footprint” that linked present day man to our primate forefathers.

Onto the huge Ngorongoro Crater, a 22×18 km sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife. We stayed in a camp on the edge of the crater, then went early morning to see many lions, cubs, elephants, and finally our rhinos! We made the big 5!

Near the end of our trip, we had the good fortune to stay in Swala Tented Lodge before heading to Arusha. What a luxury retreat! Hot water 24 hours a day! On arrival, an elephant was drinking out of the infinity pool, and later, lions had come to have a nice drink before bed. This was a good stone’s throw from our dinner table, and I ate very quickly with one eye on the lion! Our staff knew the behavior of these wild game and had no fear. They simply understand and respect each other.

The company we travelled with was African Dream Safari. They support a modern medical hospital, where an American cardiologist, Dr. Frank, and wife have devoted the last 12 year of their life building. It cares for a full range of tribal and tourist patients, and delivers superb care. Dr. Frank told me that he had three European neurologists vist when an American tourist came in with chronic headaches. One of the neurologists saw papilloedema in her fundi, and diagnosed a blood clot. She was transferred urgently to a nearby hospital, and had appropriate care. Would this have been picked up if she were home? Not so sure. Physician staff is international and telemedicine is used regularly. How unbelievable to hear that tuberculosis and malaria are so common here. How good to hear that HIV is on the decline.

Chris F. and Gail P.
Kelowna, Canada
Safari Dates: October 8, 2014 to October 18, 2014

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Our Dream Trip Was Realized

We just returned from a 9 day safari with ADS. We cannot thank the staff enough for the planning and attention to detail that we experienced. For a trip of this magnitude, there is an overload of information – and much of this is included in their client preparation packets.

We saw the wildlife in numbers that one couldn’t imagine. The pace of the trip was good, the selection of the lodges and camps were excellent and in the “right order”, and the all inclusive nature of the experience put us as ease throughout our vacation.

Our guide was bright, experienced, and flexible to our wishes. The food was too good. The physical demands were appropriate and manageable. Our dream trip was realized and we had begun planning our next visit to Tanzania on last day- a good sign!


Doug and Carolyn G.
Tiburon, California
Safari Dates: October 31, 2014 to November 9, 2014

Black Rhinos – Ngorongoro Crater

Lioness and cubs – Central Serengeti

Elephant at Mara River – North Serengeti

Sundowner at evening game drive – Buffalo Springs Camp, North Serengeti

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A Private Safari – The Only Way to Experience Tanzania

Our travels have taken us all over the world and this was undeniably the most stress-free vacation we have experienced thanks to David (our guide) and Michael and Lynn of Africa Dream Safaris. There was, however, one thing that ADS could not prepare us for — the mesmerizing beauty and tranquil peace of Tanzania.

First, we enjoyed superior accommodations, service, and food at the Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha before climbing into our plane headed for the Northern Serengeti. Our first glimpses of animals and terrain were from the plane…wldebeests, zebras, rivers, grasslands, and kopjes…an ostrich on the airstrip as we landed at one of the airfields on our way to Kogatende…we were ecstatic!!

Upon landing, David, our driver/guide, greeted us and we liked him immediately. He explained what we were going to do that afternoon and off we went…the adventure was to continue for 12 days. On a general note, David was an excellent match for us. He made us feel safe and secure at all times which was a major factor. He listened to our needs and responded accordingly and always with a cheerful smile and patience…no matter how crazy we may have sounded!! We set our own schedule each day and liked the ability to enjoy the activities/scenery that WE wanted and were not forced to succumb to a group decision.

Animals…we had the privilege of seeing two adult black rhinos and a baby rhino, leopards including one in a tree with its kill, lions with cubs and a lion with its kill, a Secretary Bird killing and eating a snake, birds of prey, hippos, elephants, safari ants, buffaloes, wildebeests and zebra in three river crossings (two were mini-crossings as we nick-named them), cheetahs, dwarf mongoose, and oh my, the list goes on.

The Tanzanian terrain is gripping…flowing rivers, endless grasslands, rising kopjes, the great rift valley, the crater…and the sunrises and sunsets…inspiring.

David taught us about the animals and their connection to their habitat and importance in the chain of life. He also proved to be an excellent driver while maneuvering our jeep during a downpour and navigating through the mud and what seemed to be bottomless water holes.

Two highlights of our trip included visits to the School of St. Jude in Arusha and the Foundation for African Medicine and Education (F.A.M.E.) in Karatu. We were impressed with both and encourage safari guests to take the time to visit and learn about both of these worthwhile and inspiring educational facilities and programs.

We sincerely enjoyed all our accommodations…from the elegance and refinement of Serengeti Bushtops, Migration Tented Lodge, Ngorongoro Manor, and Swala Tented Lodge to the down-home comfort of Lion’s Paw and Sametu Camp. Each location had a personality and character of its own which we appreciated. The staff were always friendly and accommodating and attentive to our needs.

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to enjoy a private safari…the only way to experience Tanzania. Life is grand indeed!

Margaret and Gerry B.
Lubbock, Texas
Safari Dates: September 25, 2014 to October 8, 2014

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