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Another Epic Adventure!

I recently returned from another fabulous safari with ADS….my fourth! As I basked once again in the beauty of Tanzania and its people, I couldn’t help but wonder how can anything surpass such glory?! To travel to this haven of natural wonder four times is such a blessing. To watch the circle of life play out in front of one’s eyes is truly amazing. To do so on a private safari with ADS makes for an incomparable experience…every time! There’s just no other way to go!

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Top Ten Memories of our ADS Tanzanian Safari

10. Getting in the Land Cruiser (before sunrise most days) with hot tea and coffee in hand, eager to see what the day would bring and NEVER being disappointed.

9. Eating amazing fresh fruit and fantastic homemade soups with nearly every meal and enjoying our first banana chips as a snack in the vehicle

8. Seeing elephants and the endless plains of the Serengeti FROM THE SHOWER.

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It was Truly A Trip Of A Lifetime

Becky and I returned from Tanzania and our Trip of A Lifetime on January 24, 2020. It was an amazing adventure, and we will carry our memories of it for the rest of our lives. We love wildlife and bird-watching and had talked about a safari to Africa for 20 years. We even attended a couple of travel shows about Africa, but couldn’t really figure out how to start and where do we go? How do you coordinate this? Is it safe? So, we procrastinated. Until, we met our new neighbors.

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A Close Encounter With Two Cheetah Brothers

For all my life, I have dreamed of a safari in the Serengeti. At our usual birthday cake eating at work, it was my turn to answer the 3 questions we all get asked: Favorite family tradition, who would you like to have dinner with, and what is your number 1 bucket list item. When I said my bucket list item was a safari in the Serengeti, it finally clicked “why do I just keep saying it, it’s time to do it!”

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It was much, much more than a safari, it was life changing is so many ways. Oh how true this was all 10 days of our Safari. When our friends Nancy and Lenny asked us if we wanted to go on a Safari with them, we had no idea what to expect. This would be their third safari with ADS. They tried to tell us what to expect and we watched every video on the ADS website and read all the blogs! It still was beyond our wildest dreams.

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We Were So Pleased We Chose A Private Safari Instead Of A Group One.

My wife and I finished our 10 day Tanzanian Safari to Serengeti Plains, Ngorongora Crater and Lake Manyara in early February. It was an amazing experience – more so than we imagined it would be. Africa Dream Safaris organized every detail perfectly. Any questions we had were immediately answered. In fact, the company provided a very detailed book before the safari filled with information about what to expect and what to take with us. One concern I had before the trip was what to do about toileting while on safari. This turned out to be a nonissue as our guide stopped every few hours at bathroom facilities

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Nature In All Its Glory!

It’s hard to put an experience like this into words. Everyone I spoke to about going to Africa said it was a life changing experience, and although I knew it would be great, I didn’t expect it to be all that. One of my friends said to me before I left to ‘be prepared that Africa has a tendency to keep a piece of your heart’. Now I understand what she meant!

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A Safari In Tanzania Should Be At The Top Of Everybody’s Bucket List

We’ve just returned from the trip of a lifetime! We were a group of six and were looking for a private tour company that could provide the best of what Africa has to offer. Africa Dream Safaris was the tour company that was recommended to us as the best, most attentive and most reliable. Our expectations were high but we were not prepared for the magnitude of what were about to experience.

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