Top Ten Memories of our ADS Tanzanian Safari

10. Getting in the Land Cruiser (before sunrise most days) with hot tea and coffee in hand, eager to see what the day would bring and NEVER being disappointed.

9. Eating amazing fresh fruit and fantastic homemade soups with nearly every meal and enjoying our first banana chips as a snack in the vehicle

8. Seeing elephants and the endless plains of the Serengeti FROM THE SHOWER.

7. Witnessing the guides from different tour companies cooperate and chatter in Swahili about where the animals were and then watching Arnold accelerate across the plains to find amazing animals in vast numbers. Often, he was the first to discover an animal and others would flock to where we were.

6. Sitting in the screened in porch of our tented lodge drinking coffee and listening to a symphony of birds serenading us. Also, crawling out of mosquito netting around our bed each night!

5. Hearing lions grunt and roar from the Kusini Sanctuary tented lodge all night long!!!

4. Coming back after a fantastic day in the Ngorongoro Crater to a hot bubble bath and smelling burning cypress and eucalyptus in the fireplaces at the Crater Lodge.

3. The gracious and kind people of Tanzania and their exemplification of the Swahili terms, “pole pole” and “Hakuna Matata.”

2. Being so close to a leopard eating a wildebeest in a tree that we could hear bones being crunched in its jaws and muscles being ripped away from the bone.

1. Our intelligent, charismatic, delightful guide, Arnold, who was a mobile encyclopedia and a great companion for eleven days.

Kathy and Warren M.
Casper, Wyoming
January 07, 2020 to January 17, 2020

  1. Beautiful pictures, love reading your description. We were supposed to be starting out on our adventure this week, but thankfully ADS was able to postpone to exactly the same time frame next year. In the meantime I will savor others words and photos and dream of our turn, same time next year.