Another Epic Adventure!

I recently returned from another fabulous safari with ADS….my fourth! As I basked once again in the beauty of Tanzania and its people, I couldn’t help but wonder how can anything surpass such glory?! To travel to this haven of natural wonder four times is such a blessing. To watch the circle of life play out in front of one’s eyes is truly amazing. To do so on a private safari with ADS makes for an incomparable experience…every time! There’s just no other way to go!

The people of ADS work relentlessly to assure that all is perfect from start to finish. Once again, Dawn outdid herself in putting our itinerary together and was always available to answer questions and provide guidance even about the subject of photography! She put me in touch with their photography ambassador, Jeff Smith, who helped me choose my new camera, helped me set it up, and even gave me a few tips on using it!

Mathias greeted us at the airport and whisked us off to Arusha Coffee Plantation where we spent the first two nights of our stay, adjusting to the time change and taking in some of the sights of Arusha.

When we landed in the Serengeti, it was wonderful to be greeted by Russell who would once again serve as our guide, the third time he has done so for me! His ability to find the animals never ceases to amaze me and his knowledge of all the flora and fauna of Tanzania is nothing short of incredible. Couple those skills with his sense of humor, kindness, and attentiveness and he is nothing short of amazing! We learned so much and always found something to laugh about!

Every safari is different… a fabulous adventure full of unpredictability which is one of the things that makes it so exciting. This trip was no exception. Due to excessive rains over the past few months, the roads and plains were muddy, slippery and downright treacherous at times. Russell’s excellent driving skills kept us out of trouble!

We also needed to be flexible about our itinerary because of driving conditions. At one point Russell advised us that the weather had made travel to one of our stops unsafe and recommended that we alter our plans to which we agreed. This was not an issue…he had already designed an alternate plan including accommodations.

As for accommodations, I prefer the tented camps because they are comfortable, cozy, offer great food, and keep me closest to Nature. And the staff of each camp is wonderful! On this trip we enjoyed Sametu, Woodlands, Lake Masek, and Lion’s Paw camps.

This year the grasses were higher and greener than usual because of all the rain. The animals were, as always, everywhere! I never get tired of seeing the Migration. It is a breathtaking sight. So many babies too…newborn impala, lion cubs, giraffe, and zebra.

We also had two rare sightings, both in Ngorongoro Crater…5 male lions taking a stroll and a caracal cat on the hunt! Now that’s exciting!

Asante sana to everyone at ADS who made this another wonderful experience in beautiful Tanzania! Can’t wait to see what’s in store on my next safari!

Chere K.
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Safari Dates: January 17, 2020 to January 28, 2020

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  1. It was great to read about your adventures! For now, we sadly have to live vicariously through people like you who have had the fortune of visiting Tanzania with ADS before Covid-19 hit! We have had to postpone our trip, which was scheduled a mere 3 weeks from today, but thanks to Sharon and Michael, we have been booked for the exact same dates in 2021 !! Better to wait a year than to get sick. Loved your photos! Can’t wait until we can take thousands of our own next year. Glad your trip was so successful!

    1. Thank you, Nina! I’m so sorry your trip was delayed…that’s so disappointing. However, you can be assured that life in the Serengeti goes on and you’ll love every moment when you can safely visit next year! Bring lots of memory cards for your camera because you’re right…you’ll take thousands of photos! Stay well!

    2. Thanks so much, Nina! I’m so sorry you’re plans had to change. I was lucky to have escaped that complication! Can’t say enough about the wonders of a safari in the Serengeti. Treasure every moment of your upcoming trip!

  2. Thank you, so much, Jeff…without your help, none of these photos would have been possible. I am so grateful to you! I am totally in love with my camera! Can’t wait to go back and take more. Having fun choosing which ones to put up on my walls. Stay well!

  3. I wasn’t quite sure how to do this but I wanted to take a moment to capture a thought I’ve been having for a while now as the closest I can get to viewing the African savannah from my locked down and windowless Air Force vault is the Windows screensaver. I visited Tanzania twice with ADS. From start to finish those trips were spectacular and it absolutely changed my life for the better in every way. On my trips I also witnessed a great many acts by ADS employees that went beyond just the safari. In times like these it is worth remembering that those small gestures also really add up. ADS does a lot to help the locals and benefits a great many causes in ways that are greatly under recognized. I saw employees assisting animal shelters, supporting wildlife projects, the F.A.M.E. clinic and more. The current world events must be devastating for you and your staff both here in the States, and abroad. You have my deepest sympathies all of you. To you MW, Dawn, Sharon, and all the folks on the ground in country (Dee, Mathias, Arnold and so many others I can’t name them all here) that I was fortunate enough to meet over the years, I hope you and your families are well. I hope you find a way to weather the horrible impact I’m sure world events are causing you. Thank you ADS for all the hard work you do. I know putting these trips together isn’t easy. Thank you for opening the minds and eyes of so many travelers, enriching them in countless ways and ultimately making the world a better place one safari at a time. I hope each and every one of you are safe and that you are able to continue doing what you do best in the not too distant future.

  4. Absolutely loved hearing about your trip and thoroughly enjoyed your pics. My wife and I have been to Tanzania twice with Africa Dream Safari. Dawn is the best! You mentioned talking with Jeff Smith about cameras? I chatted with him also…, he was a huge help and very willing to share his time and knowledge. What camera did you buy for the trip? Jeff recommended the Sony RX-10. My wife used the camera and got some stellar photos with it.
    Thanks for sharing you trip with all of us. It’s no surprise that you had a wonderful time. I want to make a third trip at some point…, hopefully sooner than later.

  5. We travelled on safari with our two adult children 3 years ago with Russell as our guide. It was a trip I’d a lifetime and I continue to encourage people to go. It was indeed life changing. Russell amazed us with his ability to get us so close to amazing animal sightings including watching approximately 100,000 wildebeest cross. His knowledge and expertise enriched our trip on every day. We enjoyed the tented camps most of all. Hoping that the Covid-19 crises ends soon so people can experience this amazing spot on earth again shortly.

  6. One of my pleasures since I took my trip with ADS in March of 2019 is to read the reports of others who have taken their trip. The photos are wonderful to see and the stories are all consistent with our experience with ADS. My wife and I talk about our trip often and hope we can do it again in the future. Your trip was different in that there was a lot of rain and that gave you a different time then we had. It only supports the fact that if you have been there once you have not seen it all and there is so much more to see and do. You could have gone 10 times and not seen it all. What a great experience!

  7. An african safari is on my buckelist. I will be traveling solo so which trip and when would be the most economical for me. I will be 72 soon and would like to get it in asap. When would be best time to go with the situation the world is in.

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