Father and Daughter Journey to Tanzania

My name is Caroline. I would like to share my experience of doing safari in Tanzania with my dad. He set the trip up through African Dream Safaris. We arrived by plane on a dirt airstrip near the Mara River. After meeting our guide, Pokea, we were off on safari. Safari means you are riding in a vehicle looking for animals that you have only seen in a zoo. The first animals I saw were the hippos and then the antelopes followed by my first zebra encounter. Lions, elephants, giraffes and wildebeasts more numerous than you could imagine followed. I think the coolest animal we saw was the leopard in the tree and the cheetahs hunting in the grass. My personal favorite animal is the giraffe. They tower over everything and walk like they are stepping on marshmallows. We saw a lot of hippos but they were hard to photograph as they were always in the water. Giraffes are easy to take pictures of and maybe that is another reason that I like them.

Our camps varied as we traveled through the Serengeti. My favorite camp was Serengeti Soroi. We had a thatched roof, a pool on the ledge and views that stretched out before us. Everyone at all the camps made us feel special. The meals varied with different amounts of salad, fish and meat, and deserts but all were good. I liked the pumpking soup with almond the best.

Now that I am back home, it is like a dream that we went to Africa and did safari. It was the best trip I have ever had. My safari made me realize how much the world has to offer and how you need to try new adventures. I don’t know if I will ever equal this trip but I am glad that I had the opportunity to do it and I’m glad I went with my dad.


Oneida, Wisconsin
July 2012

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  1. could you please send my a brochure for you safaris. I have never been to africa but have always wanted to go. Can not find a person to go with me so will that be a problem?? Do you have safaris for women traveling alone??? Don’t know where to go to see the most animals. Do you have a map you could send that would show me the different places to go and which would be best. My address is 3501 Grey Ct Castle Rock, CO. 80104

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