20 Photo Tips for Shooting Wildlife

We’re very excited to tell you all about a new section of our website called – Our Photographic Ambassador. In this super comprehensive guide to safari photography, our expert wildlife cinematographer/photographer Jeff Smith shares 20+ tips to ensure you capture the most awe-inspiring and unforgettable moments from your trip. From suggestions on cameras and lenses to details about shooting from a safari vehicle and packing your gear, he thoroughly answers all of the photo questions we’ve been gathering from our guests for years. Jeff should know a thing or two about how to show up prepared to shoot wildlife, he’s been on safari with us 5 times!

A note from Jeff:

“The Serengeti is a long way from Main Street , USA. My goal is to make sure you arrive photographically prepared. I don’t want you leave anything behind and I can help you dodge unexpected photographic surprises. Trust me and you’ll come back with epic photographs that your friends and family alike will be amazed by.”

In this section of our site, you will find a series of articles that will answer many of your photographic questions. Questions every photographer and every tourist has, regardless of their skill level. At the end of each section there’s an  ‘ASK JEFF’ button so you can email Jeff specific questions you might have unique to your camera, lens, and equipment setup.

So, do you want to know just how close you will get? Wondering what camera you should buy ? Curious about weight restrictions and how to pack your gear? Want to know how to best work with the strong (and magical) African sun or what it’s like to shoot while standing in a safari vehicle? The list of great expert photo tips goes on and on. What are you waiting for? DIG IN!



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  1. This is an excellent addition to the information provided by ADS. I hope to read/watch some of these articles/videos before my trip in early March.

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