The World Back In Perspective…

Thank you for helping us to put our busy lives and the crises filled world in perspective. In just 7 days, you brought into focus the wonder of nature, the warmth and kindness found in mankind, and the tranquility of immersing oneself in a patient search for beauty in our midst. We cannot imagine this possibility without the attentive and thoughtful guidance of the Africa Dream Safaris team.

From our first conversation with Sharon Lyon about our dreams for a safari over a year ago until our escort to Kilimanjaro Airport by Bernard and Esther for our return flight last week, every detail was stress free and luxurious. ADS identified the best time of year for our interests and most suitable accommodations for our preferences. They even recommended a travel agent with expertise in the best and most convenient flight options.

The information included in the formal brochure and on the website left no question unanswered: medical and visa requirements, luggage, photography, and apparel recommendations. In addition, ADS checked in with periodic emails and texts to assure we would have no last minute concerns.

Within the first 24 hours, we marveled in encountering over 15 different animals thanks to our guide Bernard, who has more than 20 years experience. Each day, he knew exactly where and when to go to find the animals in which we were interested, even guiding us to 3 different “crossings” of zebras and wildebeasts on our second day. Bernard’s respect for and vast knowledge of the wildlife, pride in his country’s history and culture, and dedication to making our ADS experience enlightening and comfortable guaranteed our delight in each day.

As we transferred from one lodge or hotel to the next, we seemed to embark on three different vacations. The tented lodge in Kuria, the Four Seasons Hotel, and Crater Lodge all offered unique and luxurious accommodations, gracious staff and service, and gourmet meals. Starting and ending our journey at the Arusha Coffee Lodge was an added bonus.

ADS made our adventure even more memorable with thoughtful gifts and locally inspired celebrations of our wedding anniversary. We felt welcome, valued, and pampered throughout our time in Tanzania.

How fortunate we were to immerse ourselves in the natural grandeur of the Serengeti and gentle hospitality of the Tanzanian people.

Tim and Linda G.
Miami, Florida
Safari Dates: August 1, 2023 to August 8, 2023