The Third Time Was The Charm!

Friends and family members were asking WHY? Why are you going on a safari…for the THIRD time? It’s really hard to explain to someone who hasn’t been to Tanzania on a safari the “why”. There are many reasons why…

The people – they are so friendly, welcoming, their smiles so sincere

The vastness of the land, the peace and tranquility, the beauty

The sunrises and sunsets

The animals, not only the big five, but all the other animals and birds…ones you’ve never even heard of!

To try and put all of that into words for others to understand is hard. How do you capture a feeling? I tried to explain…

The awe, wonder, the vastness of the migration? Animals as far as you can see in every direction .…and then a leader making the choice to cross the river and all the herd follows.

The tenderness of the lioness as she tolerates her cubs antics.

The hilarity of the antics of baby baboons.

The scenery is breathtaking. You can see for miles in every direction with no buildings nothing but land, grasses, trees, streams, lakes, kopjes and mountains off in the distance.

It’s so difficult to put the feelings into words and even if a photo is worth a thousand words it’s still not enough to capture the incredible feelings.

Our first trip in 2013 was my “once in a lifetime, dream trip”. And that’s exactly what it turned out to be. The second trip was a gift in many ways. We also thought “why” what will we see that was different. We were surprised and amazed at things that we had never seen or experienced before.

As my husband and I started talking about what we might want to do for our “BIG DECADES” birthday days this year we both thought SAFARI! We both agreed the previous safaris were the best vacation/travel experiences we have ever had.

One phone call to Sharon, at Africa Dream Safaris (our safari planner extraordinaire) to tell her we were doing it again and it all came together! All we had to do was tell Sharon that we wanted to be out on safari for 14 days, stay in remote areas, that we wanted to see a river crossing and a serval cat (our guide Ally promised he’d find one for us if we came back a third time). Within a day Sharon had come up with the perfect plan.

The third time was “the charm” – we saw the river crossing, Ally found us more than one serval cat, plus we saw other animals like leopards and a Black & White Colobus monkey that are not often seen.

Will we go back again? Only time will tell! And if we do go – it will be with Africa Dream Safaris!!

Walt and Hallie P.
Port Charlotte, Florida
Safari Dates: August 26, 2022 to September 08, 2022

  1. Beautiful photos! We went a few years ago and want to go back! It will definitely be with
    Africa Dream Safaris! They are awesome!

    1. Thanks! I’m sure you have beautiful / amazing photos as well. I took over 11,000!!
      I agree….ADS is AWESOME!! They take care of everything so the safari experience is definitely a “no worries…be happy”!!

  2. Having just finished our third safari with ADS, I absolutely know what you mean. Your photos are extraordinary.

    1. Thank you! People just don’t get the “why do you keep going back”….YOU know why!! Worth every moment!!

  3. Hello Hallie, I was wondering if you are a professional photographer? May I ask what kind of camera and lens you used to take your pictures on you safari?
    Thank you
    Lorrie Eakes

  4. Wow. Love your pictures and videos. We got back 2 weeks ago from our first safari and are ready to go again. We want to catch the crossing next time. We live in Englewood, FL, close by you.