A Dream Come True For My Family!

Recently my family and I went to Tanzania for a safari. Over a year ago we researched options of tour companies, routes, costs, etc. We decided to have Africa Dream Safaris arrange our entire trip from the moment we arrived until the moment we flew out. Our decision was based on recommendations, reviews and most of all how Dawn took such an interest in our trip asking us questions about what we want to make sure it was just perfect. She was always helpful, extremely responsive and patient if any changes were needed.

We had high expectations for the trip and were very excited. To say the trip was far beyond our expectations would just be scratching the surface. First, I must mention the pre-trip information, advice and prep. This was extremely helpful, accurate and set us up for success. There are a lot of options for accommodations and Dawn knows her stuff and we were delighted with each place we stayed. The physical location, the place, the service and the people were fantastic.

Having our own private guide for the entire trip was awesome. Not only because our guide was awesome but having the ability to go where we wanted when we wanted was fantastic. I can’t over emphasize how nice it is to not have to stick to a schedule that may work for some but not others.

The “private safari” is perhaps a little more expensive but well worth the money to make the trip of a lifetime come true. When you look at the pictures and recall your memories of the trip the bit of extra money will not even be something you will think about. On the other hand, if you go with a group arrangement your experience may be fine but may be a disappointment and certainly not the fantastic experience you could have had.

So, with great pleasure I give Africa Dream Safaris, Dawn and all the people who helped us at Africa Dream Safaris my highest endorsement. They are all thoughtful, fair, knowledgeable, resourceful, responsive, interested and simply the best. If you are going to spend the time and money to go to Tanzania for a safari you really should do it right and have Africa Dream Safaris make your dreams come true!

Kent A and Family
Long Beach, California
Safari Dates: July 20, 2023 to July 28, 2023