Maybe Twice In A Lifetime?

In August 2023, I realized a decades-long dream of going on a safari. I originally planned a trip for 2010, and selected ADS based on a recommendation I had received years before and thankfully kept. Things changed, as they do, and that trip never came to fruition. At that point, I told myself that within a year of retiring, I would make that dream a reality. And I did!

Working with Dawn Anderson was a pleasure (both in 2009 and recently). She was so patient in answering every question we could throw at her and knowledgeable on every aspect of the location.

Russell, our guide, was simply amazing. We often had trouble spotting an animal using binoculars, after he told us where to look. He spotted the most camouflaged and hidden animals while navigating the bumpy roads and scanning the entire horizon. He positioned the vehicle for the best view, often anticipating what an animal would do, and making sure we could take advantage of the best light for our photos.

Russell knew every species we saw – mammals, birds, reptiles – and welcomed every question we could come up with (and there were a lot). He has an incredible wealth of knowledge, and we were lucky to have him share some of it with us.

The number of different species we saw, and the sheer number of animals in general, was everything I had dreamt of. I was so excited to take this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. But now I think I’d like to go back and see things in a different season. So maybe twice in a lifetime?

Thank you ADS!

Sandy C.
Sugar Land, Texas
Safari Dates: August 19, 2023 to August 29, 2023