You Can Open A World Full Of Possibilities For Huseein

ADS proudly sponsors The School of St. Jude – a charity funded school that provides a free, high-quality primary and secondary education to the poorest and brightest children of Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa. Here’s their monthly update:

We are so grateful for 25 new sponsors who have stepped forward to provide our students with a free, high – quality education. It is exciting to think of the possibilities that now lie before these students who will start at St Jude’s in January. Imagine how their lives will change! With an education these students, who previously knew only a life of poverty, will have the opportunity to make choices about the life they want to live.

Meet Huseein, a student starting in January. Huseein lives with his mother, father, and two older sisters in a rented two-room mud house in the Unga area of Arusha. They use a car battery to power the few light bulbs in their home and pay 50 shillings (30 cents) for a bucket of water which they collect from the tap at a nearby house. Every morning, they cook breakfast in the corner of one of the rooms over a charcoal fire.

Huseein is lucky to have both of his parents employed. His parents work six days a week making shoes, earning a few dollars a day depending on how many shoes they can sell. His mother does the intricate beadwork for Maasai sandals and his father makes rubber thongs from old tires and sells them on the street corner. The family also has a small plot of land where they grow food to make sure there is always something to eat.

Huseein loves school and was number four in his class of 88 last year. He received near-perfect marks in math, English, and Kiswahili- his favorite subject. When he grows up he wants to be a doctor so he can help people who can’t get help. He is thrilled to start school at St Jude’s and is most looking forward to learning how to speak English.

If you’d like to learn more about St Jude’s, check out their website:

For Those Wondering If A Private Safari Is For You…

Wow! How do you begin to describe the incredible Tanzania safari we made recently with ADS. Everything from the beginning planning stages through to helping us make arrangements to get to Southern Africa for the second part of our Africa experience was handled in the most professional way. We particularly appreciated the patience and timely answers to our many questions.

We did have concerns that we would have some problems because my wife is an above knee amputee and her prosthesis requires several hours of charging each night. We need not have worried because every camp we visited was aware of her needs and arrangements had been made well ahead of time.

We were amazed at the amount of training that the guides have received. Our guide could answer nearly every question we asked from identifying an animal (including even the genus and species) to describing diet preferences and gestation periods. When we arrived we weren’t “birders” but after seeing the hundreds of different birds identified for us we have a whole new appreciation for the diversity of bird life in Tanzania.

For those wondering if a private safari is for you, the answer is a definite YES. It was so nice to be able to stop when we wanted, spend whatever time at a particular viewing we wanted, and never have to struggle to find a good spot to get a photo.

Pokea, our guide was absolutely great. If we told him “let’s go find a lion” (or cheetah, leopard, elephant hippo etc) off we would go and pretty soon we’d find ourselves closer to our animal than we ever dreamed we would be. Even Pokea was excited when we spotted a pack of Africa wild dogs, as he had not seen them in Tanzania for over 3 years. Our pack walked calmly within 5 feet of us.

What else can we say? We thought that this would be a once in a lifetime trip, but after our experience in Tanzania and with ADS, there’s little doubt that we will be making a return trip in a year or two. The pictures say it all. Enjoy!

Bill and Sue D.
Friendswood, Texas
Safari Dates: August 30, 2014 to September 10, 2014

Our Dream Trip Was Realized

We just returned from a 9 day safari with ADS. We cannot thank the staff enough for the planning and attention to detail that we experienced. For a trip of this magnitude, there is an overload of information – and much of this is included in their client preparation packets.

We saw the wildlife in numbers that one couldn’t imagine. The pace of the trip was good, the selection of the lodges and camps were excellent and in the “right order”, and the all inclusive nature of the experience put us as ease throughout our vacation.

Our guide was bright, experienced, and flexible to our wishes. The food was too good. The physical demands were appropriate and manageable. Our dream trip was realized and we had begun planning our next visit to Tanzania on last day- a good sign!


Doug and Carolyn G.
Tiburon, California
Safari Dates: October 31, 2014 to November 9, 2014

Black Rhinos – Ngorongoro Crater

Lioness and cubs – Central Serengeti

Elephant at Mara River – North Serengeti

Sundowner at evening game drive – Buffalo Springs Camp, North Serengeti