From Our Initial Planning To The Goodbyes To New Friends, This Trip Was Unforgettable!

Our Africa Dream Safari was an amazing trip. From our arrival at the airport to our departure we felt welcomed and cared for. Our guide Alex was wonderful, with an educational background (PhD) in wildlife ecology, years working for Serengeti National Park, and experience supervising a group of safari camps.

Alex’s knowledge about each animal painted a picture of every ecosystem we visited, and he was very skilled at finding us all of the animals we had hoped to see.

We will never forget seeing a close encounter between a lion and a leopard (apparently quite rare), the lioness calling out in a low voice to tell her cubs not to stray too far, or the awe of seeing such vast herds of wildebeest and zebra.

As birders, an added bonus were the many dozens of new birds to add to our life lists. Alex shared our love of birds and was great at helping with identification.

The Hemingway Camps were each a comfortable oasis at the end of the day, with unexpected luxury, excellent food, and staff that were genuinely warm and friendly. From our initial planning to the goodbyes to new friends, this trip was unforgettable.

Donna D. and Tom G.
Shedd, Oregon
Safari Dates: March 11, 2024 to March 23, 2024