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Awesome and Eye-opening Trip!

Ours was a small extended-family group, me (66), my daughter (32), and two of my sisters (60, 58). ADS was thorough, flexible, and accommodating in working through the myriad details of planning the trip. Upon arriving in-country, ADS staff were very helpful and courteous while also ensuring that key transitions were trouble-free, e.g., arrival and processing at Kilimanjaro, drive to Arusha, departure on small plane from Arusha to the Serengeti, and eventual departure from Kilimanjaro at the end.

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A Fantastic Safari Adventure!

From the very beginning, we knew that Africa Dream Safaris was the right company for us as we planned a journey to Tanzania that we had dreamt of for years. The preparation, convenience, responsiveness and expertise provided by ADS were outstanding from the planning stage of our trip, through the entire time we spent in Tanzania, to the follow-up after we returned home.

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An Experience We Will Cherish Forever!

We’ve just returned from 12 days in Tanzania with Africa Dream Safaris and it was overall one of the most memorable journeys we have ever taken. From the first day on the ground in the North Serengeti we were amazed at the number of different animals we saw including lion, giraffes, elephants, ostrich’s, and many more. And it only got better after that. We were able to witness a parade of hippos just outside of room as they arose from their afternoon nap and lumbered into the river.

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Transplanted To The Set Of The Lion King

As soon as we arrived in the Serengeti National Park via the most interesting plane ride of all time we were whisked off in the jeep with our guide Emanuel and parked smack dab in the middle of the great migration. Within minutes, we saw thousands of zebras and wildebeests. The first day may have been my favorite (I’m one of a group of four) as the sheer number of animals was more than I thought I’d see on the entire trip! I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but the first day was already beyond my greatest expectations!

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Our Amazing African Safari

My wife and I completed an amazing 12 day safari in September with Africa Dream Safari (ADS), which exceeded all of our expectations. There are many reasons why I am glad that I selected ADS for our safari. First, I received expert advice when planning the itinerary for our trip and choosing the camps. (Many thanks to Sharon for answering all of my pesky questions and to Michael for his photography tips—the beanbags worked out great!).

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Our First Day Felt Like We Were On A Movie Set!

We were prepared to see all kinds of wildlife but nothing can prepare one for the feeling of turning a corner and seeing your first group of lions lying by the side of the road or a huge elephant walking so close to your car that you can hear him breathe. Our first day felt like we were on a movie set.

Our awesome guide Wilfred was like a walking encyclopedia and an exceptional and accommodating driver. One night during a fierce rain storm when the roads looked more like rivers, he navigated us without hesitation to our destination. We were enthralled to see many baby animals and stayed for over an hour to watch two lion cubs and their mama sunning and playing on a rock.

We were not prepared for the magnificent landscapes that Tanzania offers and the beatific and varied vistas. Many desktop pictures created! Another surprise was the exceptional food at the camps we stayed in. It was beyond our imagination how these fabulous meals were prepared, given the remote locations, but every meal was simply superb. Even for a vegetarian there was plenty to eat.

Kudos to Sharon and all the ADS staff for making this a trip of a lifetime!

Fran R. & Mark B.
Silver Spring, Maryland
Safari Dates: February 13, 2015 to February 20, 2015

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Jodi and Dan’s Migration Crossing Video on August 7, 2014

A special thanks to Jodi and Dan Anderson of Rockville, Maryland for sharing this spectacular crossing video they filmed while on safari with us. Click here to see their original trip report and pictures. Thanks again Jodi and Dan…great job! Click below to play the video and make sure to expand to full screen.

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We Were Hoping To See A Great Migration River Crossing.

Planning a trip to Africa can be overwhelming at best. But, with the help of African Dream Safari, recommended by friends we truly had a dream of a vacation.

In choosing to visit Tanzania it was our hope to see the wildebeest crossing the Mara River during the migration. Knowing that wildlife activity cannot be predicted, we were not sure of exactly what we would (or wouldn’t see) during our travels.

To our amazement, and with the incredible perception of our guide, Thomson Malekia, we witnessed not one, nor two or three, but FOUR wildebeest crossings. Two of our crossings were private (with no others around at all), and two of the crossings were at sunrise. The enormity and the beauty of these events cannot be described adequately in words.

In addition to the wildebeest crossings (with a few zebras involved as well) we seemed to encounter something new and interesting around every turn in the road. Photos and video can only begin to capture the experience of the Serengeti – a truly amazing place.

Special thanks to ADS and Sharon Lyon for helping us to fulfill a travel dream, and for the special care given to us during this trip in its entirety (resplendent with surprise cake and song for Dan on his birthday proper).

Best wishes,

Jodi and Dan A.
Rockville, Maryland
Safari Dates: August 6, 2014 to August 14, 2014

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I Can’t Say Enough Great Things About Our Guides

We got home late last night. What a trip!! I can’t thank you and your team enough. Everything was superb throughout the entire process.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize the crew in Tanzania. From the moment we landed we were greeted by the ADS team. Martus and company were extremely professional, kind and so gracious. It was a wonderful way to be welcomed to Africa.

I can’t say enough great things about the 4 guides that were with us. Francis, Russell, Thompson, and Rafael were terrific. Micheal, Richard and I were escorted by Francis. I can understand why he is so accomplished in what he does, and why his peers look up to him as a leader, and mentor. He was exactly what you would want as your guide. He was funny, knowledgeable, amenable to any changes in our plans if applicable, and very intelligent.

You should feel very proud of what you have built as an organization. I will definitely recommend ADS to anyone that has dreams of going on a safari. I want to thank you and your team again for enhancing my safari experience. It truly was a trip of a lifetime, and one that I will never forget.

Please let the guides know how much I appreciated their efforts. They are 4 amazing individuals, whom I will never forget, and whom I know will go far in their professional endeavors.

Thanks again Sharon for everything. When life has me traveling to Africa again I will definitely get in touch with you.

All the Best,

Deb B.
Baltimore, Maryland
Safari Dates: September 17, 2013 to September 26, 2013

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Our September 2013 Tanzania Safari

‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’…is the best way to describe our recent two week safari to Tanzania.

After our short plane flight into the Kogatende Airstrip, we met our driver/guide, David Chando, and began our trip into the bush. We immediately realized what a special person he is. He was personable, professional, respectful and all around great.

David’s knowledge of the animals and his country added to the success of our safari. His work day did not end after arriving at our camp in the evening. He made sure we planned the next days activities and he informed us where we were going and what we hoped to see in those areas. Next, he proceeded to clean the vehicle, stock it with supplies and have it ready to go the next morning.

After leaving the airstrip with David, in only 4 minutes, we saw our first animal, which was a Hippopotamus. Animal sightings were abundant and frequent throughout the safari and that was very impressive.

Our lodging accommodations exceeded our expectations. Particularly enjoyable was the Four Seasons, Ngorongoro Serena Lodge and the Swala Tented Lodge. The local staff at every resort treated us like rock stars. We could not have been more pleased with the service they provided us.

This truly was an adventure of a lifetime, thanks to the professional assistance from all the staff associated with Africa Dream Safaris. We have recommended to our friends, and suggest to anyone interested in taking a safari, to consider contacting the best organization for this type of vacation, Africa Dream Safaris.

Among the four of us, we took thousands of photos and movies, which will continue to provide us wonderful memories for years to come.

Below are some of our special sights, enjoy.

Chuck, Cathy, Donna and Dee
Fallston, Maryland and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Safari Dates: September 5, 2013 to September 15, 2013

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Better Late Than Never (old Swahili saying)

Just getting around to looking at my photos and enclose a few for you. The little lady in the village is Donna and that is Michael jumping. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our safari and with Russell as our guide. He was the perfect combination of extraordinary knowledge of the flora, fauna and history of the region and a warm, very likeable companion.

We have recommended ADS to many of our friends. Several physicians at our hospital have established a link to the FAME clinic that we visited and we were most impressed with all that ADS gives back to the region with support of the clinic and the local school.

Best wishes, and we hope to join you again in the not too distant future.

Len and Donna W. and Michael W. and Imtiyaz H.
Chevy Chase, Maryland
Safari Dates: August 6, 2013 to August 14, 2013

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Africa Dream Safari Is The Way To Go!!

I could not be more pleased with our entire safari experience from beginning to end. We worked with Dawn and she is wonderful; she answered every e-mail promptly, courteously and accurately. Most people don’t describe a safari as relaxing but it was to me because I did not have any decisions to make once we arrived in Tanzania except what delicious food to choose for my meals. Everything was taken care of for me.

A month before we left my 22 year old son Jeremy called to gently tell me he needed knee surgery but the doctor assured him he would be fine for the safari. A week before we left he called again to let me know that the doctor had just told him he would still need his crutches on our adventure. My heart sank. I immediately e-mailed Dawn and she assured me that he would be fine on the safari and she was right. Jeremy loved the adventure and did not miss a thing, including crutching his way across two swinging bridges!

The safari experience was 7 days in paradise. Much of the credit goes to our driver Petro who was amazing; knowledgeable, kind, humorous, and handled well our dynamic group of seven! We saw every animal I hoped to see and then some! He read the group well and catered to our wishes and wants. We chose to be out for 10-12 hour days and loved every minute of it from the first lion we saw to the last wildebeest. We chose a variety of accommodations and enjoyed each one. I may have to adopt the traditions of being greeted with warm moist wash cloths after a long day outdoors and using a hot water bottle in my bed at night! We felt so pampered.

I had high expectations for our safari and between Dawn from Africa Dream Safari and Petro all of my expectations were more than met. Thank you Dawn and Petro for creating a vacation our group of seven will never forget! It was an experience of a lifetime.

Laura J.
Derwood, Maryland
June 20-June 28,2013

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We saw at least five cheetahs, up close and personal

Judy and I are still basking the glow of our trip to Tanzania. No, it did not fulfill our expectations. Rather, it far exceeded them. No stone was left unturned. Every detail was meticulously covered from the first meeting at the airport in Arusha to being carefully ushered through the confusion of departure. The good news only gets better. Although we were somewhat concerned about the tented facilities, we quickly discovered that each had a personality of its own and offered a unique luxuriousness. In every place we stayed the food was wonderful, the service superb, the beds perfect, and the sense of being cared about and cared for was complete. Our Masai warriors protected us from the animals at night. Our guide opened our eyes to them in the morning.

A safari in Tanzania is not simply a cruise on placid seas. There are a few million bumps in the road. But the comfort we felt in our land rover made the trip the most exciting excursion we have ever done. Judy and I have travelled all over the world during the last twenty years or so. We have had many guides in the most developed and undeveloped nations. Our Guide in Tanzania was the most wonderful of all. Your literature says the guide will quickly become your best friend. He became our younger brother, our protector, our translator, our teacher.

There was almost nothing he did not know about his country or about the animals we had come to see. And not only did he open our eyes to the vast world of wildebeests, antelopes, and cats, but he also introduced us to the world of birds and the beauty of the flowers. Our guide has a marvelous sense of humor and the patience of a saint. Only once, in 12 days, were we on time. He quickly understood that leaving at six a.m. sharp meant leaving at six-twenty, that ending any photo shoot always involved about five more pictures. His English skills were marvelous but he still seemed to love learning some of our antiquated English slang. He was always gracious, kind, and accommodating. He clearly enjoyed sharing the culture of Tanzania with us as well as sharing some of his personal life, his hopes and dreams.

This was our second safari. The last was 23 years ago with a very upscale and famous company. But Africa Dream Safaris was, by far the best. We saw five leopards. At least five cheetahs, up close and personal. We loved the abundant Giraffes. And of course we enjoyed visiting with all the Lions, Dik Diks, Elands, Topis, Wildebeests, Zebras, Elephants, Impalas. We grew to love the Warthogs, the Jackals, and even the Spotted Hyenas. We took about 3,471 photos. So far, we have been able to reduce the number to 1,326. Every one is a winner.

Don and Judy Gluckman
Pikesville, Maryland
September 2011

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