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St Jude’s Students Celebrate the Gift of their Free Education

ADS proudly sponsors The School of St. Jude – a charity funded school that provides a free, high-quality primary and secondary education to the poorest and brightest children of Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa. Here’s their monthly update: Hundreds of students have decked out in colourful costumes to celebrate St Jude’s Day recently, showing their appreciation for the free, high-quality education they receive at the school. Primary and secondary students did traditional African dances, including Maasai and other performances, which expressed their happiness at being able to …

Migration Across The Mara River By Sharon Lyon

Check out this extraordinary video taken by our very own ADS safari consultant Sharon Lyon while on safari in the North Serengeti on September 13, 2014. Click below to play the video and make sure to expand to full screen.

Rebel with a Cause – Rebel Wilson Fights Poverty through Education in Africa

Australian actress Rebel Wilson, known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, has visited Tanzania to meet her sponsored student Winnie for the first time. The two have been sharing letters, gifts and photos for over eight years as Rebel has tried to help Winnie and her family escape the poverty cycle by sponsoring her high-quality education through the charity, The School of St Jude. Rebel is a long-time supporter of St Jude’s, which is a school providing more than 1800 of the poorest and brightest …