A Fantastic Vacation We Will Never Forget!

We’ve always wanted to go on a safari in Africa, but we were intimidated by the amount of touring companies available. We did our research for months, including speaking with references from various companies and we ultimately decided to choose African Dream Safaris.

Our experience was pleasant from the start. Dawn was a wonderful liaison – friendly, nice, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. Still, did we make the right choice? Well let me tell you, everyone we met, starting from our arrival at the airport, had the exact qualities of Dawn! We could not believe how friendly, helpful, and caring the staff were.

Then we met our guide, Russell, the one we’d be spending most of our time with. If I had to use one word: amazing. We were extremely happy with Russell. He was always so attentive to our family’s needs, tailoring each day’s trip to maximize our enjoyment of what the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater had to offer.

Not only did he frequently spot all kinds of wildlife from afar, but he made sure the entire family could view the animals without disturbing or threatening them. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the best angle and lighting for photographs and video. His deep respect for nature and wildlife was exemplary.

Russell and the entire staff of African Dream Safaris exceeded our expectations and were responsible for a fantastic vacation that we will never forget. African Dream Safaris truly made our wishes come true.

Asante Sana!

Here is a link to our youtube vacation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir_cPM6ttWs

Steve C. and Nhu P.
Walnut Creek, California
Safari Dates: June 14, 2016 to June 24, 2016

The Leopards And Lions Were Our Favorites

We were so blessed to go on our first safari and could not have been more thrilled that we chose Africa Dream Safaris. We researched several companies prior to making our decision and never once had any regrets. It all started with our discussions with Dawn Anderson. Once we spoke to her, we were sold that ADS was the right company for us. Dawn answered all of our questions, no matter how trivial. She provided suggestions and insight that ensured every detail of our trip was handled. Dawn is the best ambassador for ADS with her exemplary customer service and desire to make our trip memorable.

Once we landed, we were met by Matthias who moved us through the immigration process so quickly. Ali and Matthias both transported us to the African Tulip Hotel that night and answered so many questions and got us even more excited to start the trip. Our next day, we had a wonderful flight to the Western Serengeti with Liz, our pilot, who took time to point out animals and the Maasia bomas explaining their culture.

This great service was followed up by the most amazing trip we have ever experienced. I knew it was going to be wonderful and more than I expected, but I wasn’t prepared for how extraordinary it would be. I am totally in awe of our time in Tanzania. This trip was, of course, like no other trip and it seems so insignificant to say it was a trip of a lifetime.

Every day it was something new and exciting from the absolutely astounding accommodations to the animals, and more animals and more animals. We were blessed to see the Big 5. Patrick, our guide, didn’t stop until he found a cheetah for us. The leopards and lions were our favorite. We saw over 40 lions: male, female, cubs. Yay! Experiencing the migration of the wildebeest by being surrounded by thousands of them was incredible. I never knew how much I loved the zebra until we saw them everywhere and their curiosity in us was remarkable.

I mentioned the accommodations were incredible and I have to say we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Mbusi Mawe tents. Both tented lodges (Mbuzi Mawe Tented Lodge and Mbalageti Tented Lodge) we stayed in were wonderful and having everyone call you by your name made it so intimate and enjoyable. We heard a lion roar early one morning; we had a cape buffalo outside our tent munching away on grass one night; and then one morning, when we awoke an elephant had taken a shortcut through the campsite and taken down a tree right next to someone’s tent. That was so exciting!! I wanted it to be our tent.

Did I mention the food? The food was wonderful and who would have thought we would be picnicking with the wildebeest and zebra or having a five course meal each night.

Then, there was Patrick who was exceptional. It is so apparent how passionate he is about the environment there and wanting to make sure he met all our expectations with what we wanted to see. He continually obliged with stopping so I could get that one (or many) more pictures. He shared information about the animals, the park, and the country. You name it; he was happy to answer questions and even sang his national anthem for us. Patrick made the trip the most memorable one and for that, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Patrick!

I can’t stop smiling and looking at pictures and love all the memories we have from this trip. Dawn mentioned that she hopes a bit of the safari magic stays with us. I have no doubt it will. The beauty of the land was unimaginable to me. I found myself thanking our God for the opportunity to experience his hand in the creation of all that we experienced.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Dawn, Matthias, Ali, Liz, and Patrick for providing us with a trip of a lifetime.

Don and Kelly H.
Zumbrota, Minnesota
Safari Dates: May 21, 2016 to May 28, 2016

Tanzania Is Truly A Safari Paradise!

This was our third trip to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Carter with Africa Dream Safaris and it was as exciting as ever. We took friends along as it was their dream vacation. We told them we were going to be staying in tents and how luxurious that would be and they were pleasantly surprised at the upgraded accommodations.

Our guide Russell was simply outstanding. How he could see a leopard in a tree from a half mile away still amazes my husband and I. Africa Dream Safaris has the best guides in the business.

We started out two nights in the Western Serengeti. The Zebras were leading the way for the Wildebeest. We saw thousands of Zebras and Topis, as far as you could see. Our friends were amazed what they saw the first two days and I told them it was just the tip of the iceberg!

Next was the Central Serengeti for three nights. We saw lions in the tree relaxing in the heat of the day. Later that day we came upon a small herd of elephants, but nearby on some tree branches were some lions resting. Our guide Russell said “let’s follow those elephants and see if they go towards the lions in the tree.” Oh my gosh…the elephants surrounded the tree with the lion up in it! The lion was frightened and just froze until the elephants wandered off.

Next day we came upon a herd of elephants that numbered around 150. Russell said he had never seen so many elephants in one group. Ten minutes later we saw the main group of the migration. As far as the eye could see in all directions there were wildebeests and zebras…possibly 200,000. What an amazing site!

We could not believe how many different types of animals we saw including lions, leopards, elephants, cape buffalo, ostrich, hyenas, cheetah, black back jackals, topi, impala, grant gazelles, Thomson gazelles…the list is long. A for the birds, we lost count on all the different types we saw.

After the Serengeti we visited the Ngorongoro Crater. We watched early one morning as lions were stalking a cape buffalo, but unsuccessfully. Later we watched a female lion sneak up to a single wildebeest, chase it but fall short of a kill. It was fun however to watch the chess game being played out in front of us in both situations. Finally we saw our first black rhino…only to see 4 more that afternoon. That finished out our Big Five.

Several lion prides, lion cubs, several leopards, hyena families, the rare serval, several black rhinos, lots of hippos and their babies, giraffe families, angry cape buffalos, and a cast of tens of thousands of wildebeest and zebras. And don’t forget the breathtaking sunsets with deep orange and blue streaks. Tanzania is truly a safari paradise!

Steve and Jody J.
Northville, Michigan
Safari Dates: May 15, 2016 to May 23, 2016