Romantic Safari Getaways

What could be more romantic, adventurous and memorable than an african safari getaway? Over the past 20 years, we’ve hosted more honeymoon and anniversary safaris than we can count. Each of these private romantic vacations was custom-tailored to ensure that each and every desire was fulfilled. This collection of safari stories and trip enhancements offers a glimpse into the infinite possibilities for creating the trip of a lifetime for two.

Imagine endless savannas teeming with millions of wildebeest, towering boulders sprawling with tawny lions, and collapsed volcanoes brimming in mist. Imagine a place completely unaware of civilization, where wildlife still reigns supreme. It is hard to believe a place like this still exists, but it does. It is called Tanzania.

Our guests who are planning a romantic getaway have privacy at their top of their list of expectations. While other safari tour companies organize bustling caravans of minivans, packed with tourists, we offer an alternative: The Private Safari. Group safaris and packaged tours are met with unpleasant congestion, generic itineraries, and bickering clients with competing agendas. The true value of a Private Safari lies in personalized servicewildlife-focused itineraries, unique trip enhancements and off-the-beaten-path adventures which have quickly became hallmarks of Africa Dream Safaris.

1 / Personalized Service

We offer VIP Tanzania Visa services, making your arrival to east Africa easy and efficient. You’ll skip the long lines at the airport with the help of our kind and responsive staff who will transport you to your first lodge in record time. Our team is committed to providing you with an unsurpassed level of service. Passion and expertise are what set us apart.

Whether your preference is for posh lodges or moderate hotels, we offer a variety of lodging combinations so that you may choose the style that best fits your specific interests and budget. As we work together to design your perfect itinerary, our staff will help guide you to choose appropriate accommodations. No matter the style of lodging or season of travel, all of our trips are adventurous, educational and safe.

Our itineraries are built upon a Fly In & Drive Back basis. This is the best way to conduct a safari in Tanzania as it maximizes your precious time and eliminates all redundancy. Each day offers something new and exciting, as you never retrace your tracks. It’s certainly an amazing way to kick off your adventure by first flying over this vast wilderness and then landing onto a small grassy airstrip in the world famous Serengeti!

When you land, you’re at once introduced to your private driver guide and he unloads your luggage into your private vehicle. Without further delay you are thrust into the heart of the wilderness on your first action packed game drive. It is likely that you will encounter many different animals, including some of the big cats, before lunch.

Flying into the Serengeti forms a wonderful introduction to the spectacular parks of Tanzania, and is an extremely comfortable way to jump start your adventures. Additionally, transit time is greatly reduced giving you more quality time ‘in the bush’ for wildlife viewing, relaxing and other enjoyable activities that you wish to incorporate into your itinerary.

Once your private adventure for two begins, you can set the pace as you go. Some guests are eager to start their day before sunrise to get the most out of that day’s game viewing possibilities. Others opt for a more slow paced relaxed itinerary, taking advantage of sunsets overlooking the Serengeti plains and romantic outdoor dinners cooked over an open fire.

While at supper, out staff prepares your accommodations with full turn down service. For private camping options, this means closing up the tent, turning down the bed, filling the shower with water and placing hot water bottles in the bed. Throughout the night, you can look forward to the sound of wildlife just outside of your tent.

Whether a five star accommodation like Four Seasons Lodge or a Private Mobile Camp located in the heart of the Serengeti, you can be sure that you and your guest will be treated like royalty.

“The Private Mobile Camp in the Serengeti was the showstopper! A private Tent (as big as our Family Room) so clean you could eat off the floor. A separate Dining Tent. Superb food (including the popcorn at the Fire Pit and Trout for lunch). A staff of five, to take care of the two of us. It was hard to believe we were in the bush”.

– Bill & Maryann K.

2 / Wildlife Focused Itineraries

We realize that one of the most important factors for a successful private safari lies in the number and quality of wildlife encounters. All of our safari itineraries are strategically designed on a monthly basis to take advantage of seasonal wildlife concentrations, and all safaris incorporate specific game drives to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration.

With our all day game drives, signature fly-in/drive out itineraries, special park permits, and our unparalleled experience and understanding of the animals, guests who travel with us are assured the finest wildlife viewing opportunities available.

We maintain a fleet of specially outfitted 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Cruisers providing maximum flexibility, comfort, and wildlife viewing. Our safari guests have exclusive use of their own vehicle with no mileage restrictions and unlimited game drives. These spacious vehicles come equipped with seven seats under a canvas top that allows game viewing with the fewest imposed constraints and in the most open and raw format possible.

“One of the main things that let us know that Africa Dream Safaris was the right choice was watching the other outfitters. Their vehicles were so full it looked hard for the passengers to move about the car; just the opposite for us we had plenty of room to move around. We also noticed that their days out on game drives were not as long as ours were. They would only drive for a limited amount of miles and stayed on the roads everyone else traveled. Our driver/guide would keep us out as long as we wanted and we would go places and see amazing things without other vehicles around. We saw a pride of thirteen lions on a kopje and didn’t see another car for 3 hours. We saw 2 different leopards in trees right next to the road and it was just us. Our guide really went out of his way to give us a natural and honest experience.”

Wildlife viewing in Northern Tanzania is superb year round due to presence of large concentrations of resident animals. Based on individual preferences like special animal interests, lodging preferences and length of your safari, we have an open and meaningful dialogue with our guests to provide suggestions on the most optimal experience. If you are limited to a specific travel time for your anniversary or honeymoon, we can tailor your itinerary to meet your expectations and requirements regardless of the month of travel. Our interactive migration map helps prospective guests know where certain species will be most prevalent during different times of the year.

“We came away from our trip with so much more than we bargained for – we saw the great migration, the crossing, lions mating, angry lions confronting hyenas who had stolen their food, elephants, giraffe and zebras galore, and so many more animals. We saw the Big Five!”

Jill and Ron D. from Percy, Illinois
Safari Dates: June 26, 2017 to July 11, 2017
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3 / Unique Trip Enhancements

On a romantic safari for two, our guests take full advantage of our many trip enhancements including: Cultural ToursNight Game Drives, and Balloon Safaris. These optional additions to your itinerary are sure to create memories that will last forever.

Visit a traditional Maasai tribe and learn about their proud and fascinating culture. A village chief will provide a tour of the Boma and explain their beliefs and way of life. You may watch or take part in a traditional dance.

A Maasai village tour can be incorporated into any itinerary enroute from the Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater.

Sunrise balloon safaris can also be incorporated into your romantic getaway during any month of travel. The Central Serengeti launching site offers abundant resident animal sightings and spectacular scenery. With a champagne toast and elegant bush breakfast after the magical sunrise, this moment is one for the photo books!

“If you have the chance, take the hot air balloon ride. It provides such a different and peaceful perspective and is so worth the cost and early wake-up call.”

Buck and Angela L.
Juneau, Alaska
Safari Dates: August 31, 2015 to September 16, 2015
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Walking safaris offer guests an opportunity to experience the unique sights, smells, and sounds of Africa unconstrained by a vehicle. Immerse yourself into the subtle yet beautiful details of this wild place called Tanzania. Learn to recognize different animal footprints. See and touch the different plants that form the bottom level of an immense food chain. Watch curiously as a dung beetle recycles waste from the plains or take a minute to watch a butterfly or hummingbird move from flower to flower.

Guests who opt for a walking safari learn about ancient medicinal plants that have been used for thousands of years to cure various ailments. On foot you can really take notice of the little things that are passed quickly by while driving. Walking in the bush could prove to be one of the highlights of your safari as you track animal footprints, game view on foot, and learn about ecology and culture from your Maasai Warrior or Park Ranger Guide.

‘Sunrise Safaris’ are known to be another staple of Africa Dream Safaris and a favorite amongst couples. We offer early morning (before sunrise) game drives to witness the predators in action and also the herbivores in more active states. We’ll pack a picnic breakfast to enjoy in the pristine ambience of the bush while the package tours are having their ‘buffet’ meals back at the lodge.

“While our expectations for our honeymoon trip were exceedingly high, ADS surpassed those expectations at every point of the experience, from the planning phase through to our departure from Tanzania… Immediately upon our arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, we were whisked through customs without a hitch and we were soon on our way to Mt. Meru Resort in Arusha, the first of our absolutely incredible accommodations… Within minutes of stepping off of our flight to the Serengeti, not only were we on our first game drive, but we had also spotted several lions and a leopard… Overall, our experiences, the service we received, and the accommodations at which we stayed while on our trip with ADS were all beyond what we could have dreamed of. We always said that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but before we had even left, we were already trying to think of ways that we might be able to repeat the trip in the future with other family members. We truly can’t thank Africa Dream Safaris enough.”

Buck and Angela L.
Juneau, Alaska
Safari Dates: August 31, 2015 to September 16, 2015
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