Quote of the Week: Mario and Kari McCloskey

I can’t express in words how great Africa Dream Safaris was and how pleased we were with every detail of our trip. […] One of the main things that let us know that Africa Dream Safaris was the right choice was watching the other outfitters. Their vehicles were so full it looked hard for the passengers to move about the car; just the opposite for us we had plenty of room to move around. We also noticed that their days out on game drives were not as long as ours were. They would only drive for a limited amount of miles and stayed on the roads everyone else traveled. Our driver/guide would keep us out as long as we wanted and we would go places and see amazing things without other vehicles around. We saw a pride of thirteen lions on a kopje and didn’t see another car for 3 hours. We saw 2 different leopards in trees right next to the road and it was just us. Our guide really went out of his way to give us a natural and honest experience […] All the accommodations were lovely and the private luxury camp was amazing and so much fun. The way the vehicle was set up and outfitted was outstanding. Our guide couldn’t have been any better. The whole experience was one of the best of my life. I simply can’t say enough good things. A FANTASTIC TRIP!

Mario and Kari McCloskey
February – March 2008