Planning an African Safari Adventure

Is an african safari on your bucket list? When our guests inquire about a trip with Africa Dream Safaris, they receive a custom-tailored itinerary designed to meet their specific needs and travel interests – no two trips are alike.

It may sound rather obvious, but one thing we’ve found from our 20+ years of experience in this industry is that different people are  interested in different things. This of course is a simple fact of life, and it doesn’t become a problem until these different interests start competing with one another on a group safari.

One person might be set on photographing a Lilac Breasted Roller perched demurely on a branch in the perfect light, while another person is anxious to follow that pride of lionesses getting ready to hunt. One person might want to leave the lodge before sunrise to see animals in their more active states, while another party wants to stay back and enjoy a hearty breakfast. The unfortunate result of trying to force different priorities into the same agenda is often disappointment by one or more parties. With a private safari, the risk of compromising your once-in-a-lifetime-trip to accommodate the once-in-a-lifetime-trip planned by somebody else is effectively eliminated.

Below we’ve collected some testimonials from our past guests who have commented on how the planning stages of their trips unfolded. We hope this offers a sense of how our team responds to an initial inquiry and walks guests through the process of planning a truly memorable and unique safari experience.

Safari Guests: Pat G. and Fred S.
Wynantskill, New York
Safari Dates: August 30, 2017 to September 11, 2017
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“Like many, I began planning for our safari by researching the internet to find out: when was the best time of the year to visitwhere should we visit, what were the merits of the various travel companies that offer a safari in their catalog and who could we trust with planning this unique adventure for us.

I had pages and pages of notes and was totally confused by the various opinions and information that I found. Then I stumbled upon the Africa Dream Safari website and heard that there is no best time of the year, just different times. The testimonials explained that ADS would take you to where the animals were, whenever you could go. They even had an interactive map that explained where the animals are during the various months of the year. This was pure common sense to me and I love common sense!

I was so excited when I discovered the ADS website that I emailed the company and asked for more information on their trips.  Despite that fact that it was Sunday night, Michael responded to my email almost immediately.  He reiterated that ADS had no preplanned tour package but, together, we would develop a private tour based upon our interests and time frame. I was sold on ADS and Michael.

As the trip got closer, it seemed that Michael and I were in almost daily contact.  Given all the information that ADS had sent us and Michael’s personal attention to detail, I felt totally prepared as I boarded our flight to Africa.” … READ MORE


Safari Guests: Susan and Wes H.
Austin, Texas
Safari Dates: October 16, 2017 – October 29, 2017
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“As avid outdoors people and nature lovers, my husband and I decided last year that an African safari would be a great adventure. In particular, we wanted to see the wildebeest migration, and that led us to Tanzania. After several hours of research, it became apparent that African Dream Safaris offered just the type of experience we were interested in.

From the beginning, Dawn expertly answered our questions, prepared an excellent itinerary and delivered top notch information so we could adequately prepare for our trip. We have to say the entire trip was flawless in details—from the smooth visa processing upon arrival, to outstanding accommodations and food, ADS handled everything beyond our expectations.

Having traveled worldwide, I do want to say you can put your trust in them—not only did everything operate expertly, there were backup systems in case of a problem. (Of which we had none).”READ MORE


Safari Guests: Dave B. and Family
Georgetown, Kentucky
Safari Dates: July 30, 2017 to August 09, 2017
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“I have to say that planning this trip we were a little overwhelmed. Where to go, who to go with, where to stay, etc. Once we decided on the great migration and Tanzania it only got slightly easier! My wife and I have dreamed of exploring Africa since we were kids, this trip needed to fulfill a lot of expectations. Throw on top of this Kelly’s mother-in-law was going and needed some extra care, as well as 3 eager kids. After what seemed an endless research project, we ran into Africa Dream Safari. From the initial contact, we were very impressed.

Between our expectations and the sheer cost of taking a private Africa safari, that bar was set very, very high. With what we were spending between the safari and airfare, this trip needed to be amazing. We’ve been to 6 continents, dozens of countries, and the gamut of accommodations. How could anywhere live up to this level of expectation?

From the moment we touched down in Kilimanjaro, we were blown away. Every single member of ADS we were in contact with went above and beyond anything we could ever have expected.”READ MORE

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  1. Every aspect of our safari trip was well planned and perfect. We saw everything on my bucket list except wild dogs, and I know how hard to find those are. The places we stayed and the food we ate were top of the line. I am saving for our next safari with African Dream Safari. The last one was well worth every penny and more.

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