Our Guide Was Exceptionally Passionate And Knowledgeable

The trip was wonderful, everything we could have hoped for. We had solicited proposals from a few top providers, all of whom probably would have been just fine, but I really liked the idea of our own dedicated guide and private vehicle.

I liked what I heard in your promotional video and was especially taken with Dawn’s genuine warmth and manner, availability and responsiveness. I had no question but that we would be well taken care of. Michael, too, had an easygoing and reassuring way when I spoke with him. Bottom line, the others put their trust in me, and I put mine in you and no one was disappointed. Thank-you!

Russell was a terrific guide (and driver), perfect for us because we had questions about everything and he always had answers. By the way, he’s exceptionally passionate and knowledgeable about birds.

We covered a lot of ground, saw EVERYTHING, even wild dogs which Russell hadn’t seen in five years, several Rhino sightings including one quite close (70 meters), 12 lions in a tree – sounds like a Christmas rhyme!

All in all, we were delighted. Thank-you again.

All the Best,

David L.
Farmington, Connecticut
Safari Dates: January 20, 2018 to January 30, 2018