Shake, Rattle and Roll

For those who have not experienced an ADS safari, you may be asking why ADS (African Dream Safari)? Well after taken a Safari with them I discovered that this is a highly profession company with very competent employees who become your friends while in Tanzania.

The experience from the time we arrived in Arusha was truly a once in a life time opportunity. It was obvious that Sharon “Mama Simba” Lyon had done her job by establishing a wonderful itinerary, accommodations, side trips and other details of our stay. Our meet and greet people at the airport took us expertly through the visa and customs process with ease. The next day they handled our flight to the Central Serengeti in the same expeditious manner.

Our guide met us at the airstrip in the Central Serengeti and off we went on what would prove to be the experience of a life time. We soon discovered Claude was not an ordinary guide. He was respectful to the clients’ needs, his vehicle, the animals and other safari companies. This guide anticipated providing the client with exceptional opportunities to take pictures.

Like I have read in the ADS newsletters, our guide like other ADS guides, is very knowledgeable in the birds (even migratory birds), animals, trees, vegetation and the various tribes & people of Tanzania. If he did not know an answer he would say so and look it up so by the end of the day he had the answer.

In the days ahead we experienced many opportunities to view the great migration of wildebeest, the big five and other many other animals. We saw a mother cheetah drinking water with her five cubs, a herd of cape buffalo surrounding two lions as they were attempting to seek a single buffalo as prey, 7 leopards (one “shy one” decided to come to our vehicle providing us with great photo opportunities), four male lions on the hunt, hippos, rhinos, and many other animals.

We also saw hyenas eating a zebra and a cheetah feasting on a small impala. By the end of the trip our vehicle was affectionately known as shake, rattle and roll. While Claude soon became known to us as Claude the Magnificent.

If you go on safari rise and start your day at a 6 AM and stay out late. By doing this you will be rewarded with some of the best photo opportunities. As truly amateur photographers we needed all the help mother nature could provide.

We also enjoyed our side trips to Oldupai Gorge (not Olduvai) where Louis and Mary Leaky, paleoanthropologists, discovered the first fossilized Proconsul skull and made other discoveries, our Maasi walking safari and our visit to the home of an Iraqw family to see a typical underground home of these people that were lost when Tanzania left British rule. Daniel our host brought out a wedding dress made of an cured animal hide and beads. Each bead color had a meaning and each design of beads told a story of the family. This dress is worn at family gatherings and special events

ADS is not only a great safari but an educational experience. Our 14 days in Tanzania will always be a wonderful memory that we can relive through our photographs.

Asante sana,

Debi and Bob S.
Surprise, Arizona
Safari Dates: January 26, 2014 to February 6, 2014

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  1. Beautiful photos! I am leaving the first of May, did you have any trouble with the weight limit with your camera gear. I plan on taking 2 bodies and 2 lens. Thanks Cindy

    1. Cindy, we had two camera bodies and four lenses in two different backpacks. Each of us had a total weight of 35 lbs of clothes and camera gear for 14 days including the bags. We used the small LL Bean bags and had no carry-on problems with KLM on our flights to and from Tanzania. In a reply on an ADS posting by Chis on September 30th providered some excellent tips on taking photographs that truly helped us along with ADS picture taking suggestions. One suggestion was patience. With our guide we sat several times for two hours. At times we were rewarded and other times the event did not happen. The title of the the September 30th posting; “Your Way Of Doing A Photo Safari Is Far And Away The Best”

  2. Great pictures. So enjoyed our Sept. safari with
    ADS. Loved the rhinos photo as we weren’t as lucky
    to see them to get close up photos. They were very elusive but saw many other wonderful animals.

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