Greetings from Arnold in Tanzania!

I just got back from a wonderful safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater! We saw many wonderful things. I am including a few of my favorite pictures from the trip below.

I am driving to the North Serengeti to meet my guests who are arriving at the Kogatende Airstrip tomorrow but I will try to provide another update soon. The weather is beautiful at the moment in the Serengeti and wildlife viewing especially in the North and Central Serengeti is amazing. Asante Sana!

Below are a few pictures of the Migration crossing the Mara River!

Here is a crossing of the wildebeest and zebra at the Mara River, site #4.  You  have to wait for a while sometimes to get to see them crossing!  ‘Tulia’ is the Swahili word for ‘Patience’.


We watched this zebra family cross the river.  The young foal really struggled to make it all the way across.  We were afraid he might drown, but he eventually made it to the other side unharmed.


It is always a fantastic site to watch the Migration cross the Mara River!


A large elephant is curious about our vehicle.  North Serengeti, Mara River area.


A lioness had just made this wildebeest kill shortly before we arrived.  North Serengeti, on the plains near the Mara River.


A large pride of lions (18 lions total, although not all can be seen in these 2 pictures) lounge underneath a couple trees in the Northern’s Serengeti’s Loliondo Reserve near Buffalo Springs Tented Lodge.


A lioness nurses her three cubs, estimated at approximately 3 weeks old.  Mara River area, North Serengeti.


A lioness runs from a herd of elephants in the Lobo Valley of the North Serengeti.


A male lion successfully hunts and kills a large warthog.  He is dragging it under a tree to enjoy his lunch in the shade.  Taken in the Lobo Valley of the North Serengeti.


A large group of lion cubs wait for their mother to return home from her hunt.  Taken in the Seronera River Valley, not far from the Seronera River in the Central Serengeti.


A pride of lions drink from a pool in the Seronera River Valley, Central Serengeti.


Elephant!  Up close and personal in the Central Serengeti.


A pride of lions finish off a buffalo carcass near Turner’s Spring in the Central Serengeti.


Leopard lounging in a tree near Maasai Kopjes in the Central Serengeti.


Rhino mother and baby (approximately 6 months old) spotted at the Moru Kopjes in the Central Serengeti.


A lion is eyeing a Cape Buffalo (not pictured) in the early morning in the Ngorongoro Crater.


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  1. Amazing shots Arnold. Thanks for sharing them. We are arriving in Tanzania for safari on Feb 1 and are very excited. Your pictures really made my day.

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