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Guide Report – Exploring the Serengeti in May

Jambo from Arusha, Tanzania! This is ADS driver-guide Arnold here with my latest report from the bush. I just finished quite an adventurous safari yesterday. I had 6 guests from Tennessee, USA on an 11-day program through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Ecoystems. Here’s a photo of a Leopard close to Maasai Kopjes climbing down from the top of an acacia tree.

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Guide Report – A Serengeti Adventure with a Family from Montanna

Jambo! This is ADS driver-guide Arnold Yahaya Mushi reporting from a very warm and sunny Arusha, Tanzania with my most current report from the bush! My latest safari was with a lovely family of five from Montanna, USA named Richard, Paul, Mary, William and Kathrine. Our adventure began on March 9, 2015 at the Seronera Airstrip in the Central Serengeti when I picked up the guests after they arrived on the morning bush flight.

After a short briefing, we headed off for our 1st game drive and within 20 minutes we saw a male and female lion along with several herbivores. Over the course of the next 8 nights, we saw an abundance of wildlife including dozens of lions, several cheetah and leopard, the wildebeest and zebra migration, huge herds of elephants (even one large group of elephants chasing off an equally large pride of lions), several species of antelopes, spotted hyenas, hippos, rhinos and much more.

It was a very enjoyable trip and my guests promise to be back again! The safari started on March 9 and ended on March 17, 2015 with 3 nights at Seronera Sametu Camp in the Central Serengeti, 3 nights at Ndutu Lodge in the South Serengeti and 2 nights at the Crater at Ngorongoro Lion’s Paw Camp. It was an exciting itinerary. Here are the photos to show how lucky we were during this trip:

Family of elephants enjoying a drink of water in the beautiful Seronera Valley of the Central Serengeti.

Here are the elephants chasing off a large pride of lions that were resting under an accacia tree in the Central Serengeti. This was thrilling to watch even for me and it was very exciting for my guests.

Within 20 minutes of landing at the airstrip we saw a male and female lion.

My guests on the Ndutu plains of the South Serengeti.

Zebras drinking from the Seronera River, Central Serengeti.

Lion pride in Seronera Valley close to the river.

Female leopard at the Maasai Kopjes, Central Serengeti.

Flamingo’s at Lake Masek in the South Serengeti.

A mother cheetah with three cubs on the Sametu plains – Central Serengeti.

Monitor Lizard

Rock Python in the South Serengeti

A beautiful sunset in the Ndutu Woodlands, South Serengeti.

Female cheetah with two cubs at the marsh area of Ndutu, South Serengeti

The famous Sametu Lion pride near Sametu Camp where we stayed for 3 nights.

Male Waterbuck in Seronera Valley.

Hippo close to the Retima Pool, Central Serengeti

It’s difficult to see in this photo, but here is a male leopard resting on top of a kopje. He had captured a young wildebeest calf.

Warthogs with spotted hyenas on the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater.


Arnold Yahaya.
ADS Driver-Guide

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By Arnold Y. Mushi with Wilkinson Group

This is driver-guide Arnold Mushi writing from Arusha, Tanzania after the completion of another wonderful safari (October 21, 2013 to November 1, 2013). This trip was really very good and we had many good sightings during our 12 days together. We started from the North Serengeti along the Mara River and made our way down through the North Serengeti, West Serengeti, Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and finally Tarangire National Park. Along the way we stayed at several great camps including Buffalo Camp, Mbalageti Camp, Sametu Camp, Lemala Camp and Kikoti Camp.

Below are several photos that I took while on safari that I would to share with the ADS community:

-Two male lion brothers at the Nyamalumbwa plains – North Serengeti.
-Rhino at the Mara River – Northern side of the Serengeti with a calf.
-Elephant in the same area – Northern Serengeti.
-Young male lion (cubs of six months old) at Nyamalumbwa plains.
-Lion pride at Nyamalumbwa plains – Northern Serengeti.
-Heron at the grumeti river – western Serengeti.
-Sundgrouse at Mbalageti area, Western Serengeti. This is only bird to bring water into the nest with feathers when they have chicks.
-Grumeti river in the West Serengeti.
-Cubs at Central Serengeti.
-Zebras – Central Serengeti.
-Hunting movement was in the Central Serengeti.
-Lioness drinking at the Seronera River, Central Serengeti.
-After a successful hunt, he dragged the kill to start feeding. This was close to Sametu Camp in the Central Serengeti.
-Long crested eagle close to Sametu Camp.
-Flying Long crested eagle –at Sametu.
-Wilkinson close to termite mound at Tarangire National Park.
-Tawny eagle flying.
-Cheetah with cubs in Tarangire close to Silale Swamp.
-Cheetah with cubs on the move.
-Cheetah with cubs.
-Elephants close to Silale Swamp, Tarangire.
-Leopard rest at the black backed acacia next to Silale Swamp.
-Peal Scops Owl.
-Buffalo crossing the road in Tarangire National Park.
-Male lino and lioness beginning to mate in Tarangire National Park.

Arnold Mushi.

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By Arnold Yahaya with David and Moira

This is your driver-guide Arnold with ADS. My latest safari (September 27, 2013 to October 4, 2013) with my two guests from Chicago named David and Moira was really very good. We had the chance to see several groups of migratory wildebeest cross the Mara River in the North Serengeti. Another highlight was seeing the endangered black rhino very close to our vehicle in the Mara River area of the North Serengeti.

This was the second time for the clients to be with us for a safari in the Serengeti. Last time my guests traveled with us in February 2011 and hence it had been about 2.5 years since their first trip. My guests enjoyed very much being in the Northern Serengeti because their first safari was in the green season and they spent most of their time in the South and East Serengeti Plains.  Kindly enjoy the below photos that I would like to share with you.

– Sunrise at Kogatende – Northern Serengeti.

– Leopard cub at Wogakuria Kopjes – Northern Serengeti.

– Female cheetah with two cubs in Central Serengeti.

– Crossing at Mara River.

– Dung beetle at Mara River area.

– Lion Pride at Lobo Valley, North Serengeti.

– Two cubs at Sametu area – Central Serengeti.

– Cheetah at the top of termite mound – Central Serengeti.

– Rhino at Mara River area – Northern Serengeti.

– Big male lion at Kogatende, North Serengeti.

Arnold Y. Mushi
ADS Guide

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By Arnold Mushi With Group of 6 From California

This is Arnold Mushi, senior guide for Africa Dream Safaris, with my latest slideshow of pictures from my most recent safari trip. This time I had another group of 6 persons where we had almost 9 days in the bush with beautiful sightings during the whole time.

My guests named Marie, Steve, Susan, Don, Karen and Marsha were from California and they arrived into the North Serengeti on September 6, 2013. We started exploring the Northern Serengeti around Kogatende including the Mara River habitat, Lamai Triangle and Wogakuria region. Next we headed to Buffalo Camp to explore the Loliondo Game Concession and also the Lobo Valley area of the North Serengeti. We finished our time in the Serengeti at Sametu Camp located in the Central Serengeti around Seronera. After departing the Serengeti we enjoyed game drives in Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Parks before finishing up back in Arusha.

Apart from that we had two nights at Lemala Mara, two nights at Buffalo Luxury Camp, two nights at Sametu Camp, one night at Crater Serena, one more night at Gibbs Farm and the other last two nights at Swala Tented Camp, which comprises the total of ten nights.

The below are the photos to support the fact, regarding the great sightings we saw during the safari.

-143 to 161 – Crocodile at Mara river and wildebeest crossing the Mara river, North Serengeti.

-162 to 165 – A hippo walking in front of a group of wildebeest close to the Mara river.

-166 – Crocs again in Mara river, North Serengeti.

-168 to 194 – Lion pride at Mara river.

-195 to 216 – Leopard at Wogakuria Kopjes – Northern Serengeti.

-218 – This was 6:30am when the pride of the lion finished all the meat from the wildebeest.

-230 – A lion cub at  lobo valley on the top of the kopjes, North Serengeti.

-235 to 237 – Leopard at Seronera valley, Central Serengeti.

-297 to 307 – Cheetah kill near Sametu Camp, Central Serengeti.

-309 – Ngorongoro at the rim – sunrise time.

-310 to 312 – Wildebeest crossing lake magadi at sunrise, Ngorongoro Crater.

-319 – Lion resting in the Ngorongoro Crater.

-321 to 340 – Male ion chasing a lioness.

-343 to 348 – Lions hunting.

-349 to 351 – Flamingos at lake magadi, Ngorongoro Crater.

-352 – Hyena’s trying to hunt flamingos on the crater floor.

-372 – Blue monkey at Lake Manyara National Park.

-379 – Pelican at Tarangire National Park.

-387 – Bee hive in a gardenia tree, Tarangire National Park.

-395 – King fisher , Tarangire National Park.


Arnold Mushi.
ADS Guide

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By Patrick Kivumbi with the Griffith Family – The Great Panorama

This is Patrick Kivumbi, a professional guide with ADS. My latest safari began on August 27, 2013 when I picked up my five guests visiting from Wyoming, USA at the Lobo Airstrip in the North Serengeti. We spent a total of 6 nights on safari together and explored the following areas: North Serengeti, Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.

After I picked up my guests at the Lobo Airstrip, I provided a quick briefing including an overview of the Serengeti National Park assisted by a large fold out map. We then departed for our first game drive around Lobo Valley, which is one of the most beautiful areas in entire Serengeti ecosystem. We were luck to come across three big male lions not long after we departed. Further up into the Lobo Hills, we came across more lions with a topi antelope kill including a large lioness with three cubs.

The rest of the safari went very well and I would like to share with you the below photos which I took during the trip.

We came across this adult elephant in the woodlands surrounding the Lobo Valley that was trying to cross the road. The elephant was seemed surprised to see us and was behaving in an unusually aggressive manor by attempting to charge our vehicle. It was a very exciting moment for my guests and I.

Here you can see a small bush where a lioness had dragged her kill (a topi antelope). This is the lioness with  two cubs. The kill was very fresh but the lions were very shy and nervous of our vehicle. Unfortunately, we see this behavior too often in this area as it is not far from a private hunting concession.

On the way to Mara River around the Bologonja plains we encountered these two giraffes necking!

On the same road to the Mara river before reaching the Kichwa Tembo area, we came across a wildebeest carcass surrounded by some vultures. Here you can see a Marabou stork along with Ruppells griffon vultures and white backed vultures. It is the migration time in the North Serengeti and there are may vultures around.

A herd of wildebeest gathered themselves around the Mara river waiting to cross the river.

Finally one of the wildebeest started to cross and then the entire herd jumped down into the river.

A beautiful lilac breasted roller on top of a thorny acacia bush.

On the way to Mbuzi Mawe tented camp for a late evening game drive, we enjoyed this beautiful sunrise. The sun was setting over the a flat top acacia tree…the symbol of Africa.

Outside of the gate of Tarangire National Park while heading to Kikoti Tented Camp we spotted this beautiful leopard tortoise.


Patrick Kivumbi,
ADS Guide.

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By Arnold Y. Mushi With Group of Four Guests From Connecticut

Jambo Everyone! This is Arnold Mushi, head guide with ADS, and I submitted my bush report for my most recent safari with 4 guests from Connecticut named Carol, Jane, Robert and Linda D. The safari dates were August 4th, 2013 to August 14th, 2013. We spent 6 nights in the Serengeti (Sametu, Lemala Mara and Buffalo Camps), 2 nights at the Ngorongoro Crater (Lion’s Paw Camp) and 2 nights in Tarangire (Kikoti Camp).

The trip was really very good and it was a very good time to start from the northern side of Serengeti and have the chance to see crossing of the Mara river. This was more than one time and the guests enjoy very much to see this.

Coming to Lobo valley we got the chance to see a very big pride of lions on the top of the one of the very big rock in Lobo and they had prey next to them. We didn’t have the chance to see them make the kill. They had almost finished have the carcass and they also killed a buffalo not far away.

Coming down to the Central Serengeti got the chance of seen three leopards including one female and two cubs very close from the road. They walked across the road and jumped up on a sausage tree.

The crater was also good as we saw three rhinos but not very close and more than ten lionesses with four male lions feeding on a buffalo, as well. This was very close to the Munge river in the crater. Lake Manyara was also very good site because we saw a big numbers of buffaloes, wildebeests, zebras, and baboons.

In Tarangire at Silale Swamp we spotted a female leopard with two cubs and also saw a very big python up on a black barked acacia tree. Also, a Serval cat around Silale Swamp and big numbers of zebras and wildebeests along Tarangire River.

Close to Lemala camp at the northern Serengeti we saw a lioness drag half of the body of a wildebeest but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to see her make the kill.

The hyena chase of a very big herd of wildebeests and four hyenas took one them from the herd and made a kill. We stayed at the site for almost 3 hours to watch the whole action and the hyena starting to feed on it before the wildebeest died. We stayed their util the Vultures started to come along with Marabou Storks.

Thus, the pictures include: The hyena site when made the kill of a wildebeest, Lionesses with male lions at Simba Kopjes area, Lion pride at Ngorongoro Crater, Elephants at Silale Swamp, Elephant Site at the Tarangire river area, Serval cat at Tarangire, Warthog crossing the road, A python at black backed acacia tree at the Silale Swamp, An elephant at the northern Serengeti, After nesting cubs lioness drink water at the Nyamalumbwa area, Male lion rest up on the one of the Kopjes at lobo valley, A lioness drag the prey close to lemala camp – Mara river, Lions rest at the Kopjes at lobo valley, Two cubs have the view on the top of Kopjes at lobo valley, Crossing at Mara river takes about two hours, The pride rest under gardenia bush, Lioness with cubs relax and cubs nesting.


Arnold Y. Mushi,
ADS Guide.

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By Guide Arnold Mushi – Bush Report For June 2013

I am Arnold Yahaya Mushi, the head guide of Africa Dream Safaris, and I have just finished my safari with two guests from Wisconsin, USA named Greg and Kathy. These guests first arrived into the Western corridor of the Serengeti on June 15, 2013 where I picked them up at the Grumeti Airstrip to start our 8-night safari.

We got a good chance to see very big herds of zebra and wildebeest as they were migrating from nyasirori on the way to the grumeti game reserve. The immediate area was very dry and almost all the swamps were complete dry and hence the migration was moving quickly.

Also seen in the West Serengeti were big groups of hippo outside of the water and walking on dry land. We also spotted a pride of lions laying next to the sun pepper bush trying to hunt wildebeest. They were unsuccessful but we managed to take very good pictures of lioness and wildebeest together.

As usual there were plenty of the big croc’s and we also saw the black and white Colobus monkey relaxing up on a fig tree very close to the river. The Grumeti was full of hippo’s as well, thus it was very good beginning to our safari.

Coming to the Central Serengeti we got a chance to see two very big male lions and large numbers of elephants. In the well-known Seronera Valley we spotted a leopard up on a sausage tree and there happened to be elephants crossing underneath. Not far way from the place where we spotted the leopard, we saw a lioness up resting in another sausage tree.

On the way to Moru Kopjes near Lake Magadi we watched a mother cheetah with her cub hunting a female thomson’s gazelles. The mother cheetah broke one of the gazelle’s legs from the rear so that she could give her cub hunting lessons. It was an extraordinary experience and we spent more than two hours there. Later the mother decided to kill the gazelle and dragged the carcass into the shade to eat.

At the moment this area is dry with very short grass and home to large numbers of thomson’s gazelles. Also in the same area where the national park in doing controlled burning of the grasses we saw southern ground hornbill, very rare bird that lives for 35 years and produces just two eggs only after 9 years.

Coming to Sametu kopjes towards the Eastern side of the park we saw a big pride of lions resting under the balanite tree. It seems like they been eating well. One of the male lions was moving around but the cubs were just resting next to the water.

At the Gol kopjes in the southeast Serengeti we saw three cheetahs, but they were just lying on the tall grasses. The area is very dry but there were large numbers of gazelles and ostriches.

The Ngorongoro Crater is very cold at the moment. Down on the floor of the Crater we saw seven lionesses and one male lions, also a rhino near Lake Magadi. The lake has enough water but there were only a few flamingo’s because they are now migrating to the different lakes in the Rift Valley. We did see big herds of zebras, wildebeests and buffaloes.

At Lake Manyara National Park, it was very good because the guests enjoyed the ground water forest and the big numbers of baboons that were playing in the area. Also we saw a large a herd of buffaloes that were surrounded with cattle egrets. In the dry woodlands of Manyara there were large numbers of elephants and also blue monkeys.

Please enjoy a few of my pictures.

Thank you.

Arnold Y. Mushi
ADS-Driver Guide
June 26, 2013

Note the leopard above the elephant in the picture below.

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By Arnold Mushi – The Migration Arrives In Seronera Valley

Jambo. My name is Arnold and I am one of the head guides with ADS. I have just finished a safari to the Serengeti beginning of May 17th and ending on May 22nd and I have some very exciting news to share with everyone.

The wildebeest and zebra migration has finally arrived into the Seronera River Valley of the Central Serengeti. Because of the late rains we had in the Serengeti, the migration was late to move north this year by about 1 month. It was very unusual to still see the large herds of wildebeest and zebra in the South Serengeti during May as they usually depart by the end of April.

During the course of my safari we witnessed the first large herds of both wildebeest and zebra streaming north in long columns into the Central Serengeti. It was an amazing sight. At one point we watched for about an hour as a continuous line of wildebeest came running past our vehicle.  As far as the gazelle migration, they are still located on the southern and eastern serengeti plains grazing on the recently cropped grass in the wake of of the wildebeest and zebra herds (this is called grazing succession).

I expect the wildebeest herds to quickly exhaust the Central Serengeti grasslands and begin to shift west and north probably reaching the West Serengeti areas in June and the North Serengeti areas in July. It should be a very good year for the northward migration. Here are some pictures from my safari. I hope you enjoy them!

Lioness is full after eating a Wildebeest close to Maasai Kopjes, Central Serengeti.
Migration at Seronera Valley with Makoma Hill in Background
A lion cub shaking his head at Sametu Kopjes, East Serengeti.
Cubs resting on the rocks at Sametu Kopjes.
Cheetah and her cub with a wildebeest kill on the way to Barafu Kopjes, East Serengeti.
Black Mamba, which is one of the most venomous snakes in the world at Boma Kopjes in the Central Serengeti.
A pride of lions on an early morning hunt near Bilila Four Seasons in the Central Serengeti.
These young males elephants were demonstrating their strength in Seronera valley.
Thank You!
Arnold Mushi
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By Arnold Mushi – Wild Tanzania!

My name is Arnold Yahaya Mushi, a driver-guide with Africa Dream Safaris, and I have just returned home from the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. My safari was from April 3rd to April 9th, 2013 and I had the pleasure of accompanying two guests named Donna and Sharon.

We had an amazing safari as you can tell from the pictures. We were celebrating one of my guest’s 60th birthday and I think a great birthday present was having a cheetah jump on top of my car (scroll down to see the picture). We saw many lions, cheetahs and leopards not to mention big groups of the wildebeest migration and also elephants, crocodiles, hippos, rhinos and many different species of antelopes to name just a few. In fact, on our first day of safari we saw the Big 5!  Please enjoy my pictures below.

This is my 3rd time posting to the blog since our company began a new policy, which allows many of us guides with ADS to take small pocket cameras to the bush to record the wildlife viewing highlights. To see my other postings, you can click on my name at the bottom of this posting.

This is the Sametu lion pride. They were only 75 metres away from Sametu Camp in the Central-East Serengeti. It was very exciting to have such a large pride very close to where we staying and we enjoyed their roars each evening.

The whole pride together.

One of the resident male lions of the Sametu pride on his usual spot atop the Sametu Kopjes.

Another one of the resident males marking his territory at Sametu Kopjes.
The view at sunrise from Sametu Camp.
A breeding heard of impala – big numbers of  females with only one male.
Elephants around the Moru Kopjes, Central Serengeti
Big crocodile in the Seronera River, Central Serengeti.
Lion paw prints very close to Sametu Camp.
This little cub finished feeding on a rib from a zebra, close to Sametu Camp.
Two cubs resting with a mother cheetah around the Gol Kopjes area, East Serengeti.
The female cheetah scratching before going hunting.
A lion trying to drag a wildebeest kill while surrounded with vultures in the Gol Kopjes, East Serengeti.
Black backed jackal on top of one of kopjes in the Gol area with a beautiful view of Ngorongoro Hills.
Black backed jackal.
Mother with two cubs on top one of the kopjes.
The Gol Kopjes LION pride feeding on a young wildebeest.
Another shot of the gol kopjes pride, East Serengeti.
Donna and Sharon watching the cheetah on the top of the car.
Cheetah on top of the roof.
Cheetah resting on my bonnet.
Three cheetah cubs playing with a white stork, but they didn’t kill it. This was near Hidden Valley in the South Serengeti.
Cheetah cubs catching a white stork close to Hidden Valley, South Serengeti.
Mother and cub feeding on a young wildebeest between the Ndutu woodlands and Naabi Hill in the South Serengeti.
Rest time after feeding.
Female cheetah dragging her gazelle kill under a nearby tree.
Cheetah feeding on a grant gazelle. Note this cheetah is pregnant.
Flamingo’s at Lake Ndutu in the South Serengeti.
Bat-eared foxes resting before going down into their burrows. This was very close to lake ndutu and it was around 0630hrs in the morning.
Wildebeest calf nursing close to Hidden Valley, South Serengeti.
Young brothers playing in the Ndutu Woodlands, South Serengeti.
Mother and her cub (young male) in the Ndutu Woodlands.
A lioness scratching before hunting.
Three cubs resting under the tree, i.e two young females and one male about 1.5 years old in the Ndutu Woodlands.
Big male lion resting close to Lake Ndutu.
Male lion and his cub in the Triangle plains in the South Serengeti.
Dung beetlee rolling the dung at the Olduvai Plains.
Serval Cat crossing the road.
This Serval Cat was hunting just about 100 meters  from Lion’s Paw Camp in the Ngorongoro Crater.
Male and female Ostrich on the crater floor. They are thinking about locating a good place for nesting their eggs.
A leopard climbing down the tree.
Egyptian goose family in the Seronera Valley of the Central Serengeti.
I hope you enjoyed my pictures.
Arnold Mushi / April 10, 2013
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By Arnold Mushi – The Great Safari!

Good morning from Tanzania! My name is Arnold Mushi and I am a professional guide with Africa Dream Safaris though everyone here just calls us ADS. I just came back from my latest trip ending on 29th January 2013. This trip covered two parks, Serengeti National Park (with focus on the Central, Eastern and Southern areas including the Ndutu and Ngorongoro Conservation Areas), and Ngorongoro Crater.

I had two guests on this safari and we all very much enjoyed this great adventure. It was a thrilling safari. I have been a guide for over 10 years now and I still look forward to every safari. This last trip was incredible for the animal viewing. We had 2 nights at Seronera Sametu Camp, 3 nights Camping on the Serengeti plains at Naabi Hill, 2 nights at Lake Masek Lodge and ended with 2 nights at the Ngorongoro Crater.   Below I would love to share some great sightings we came across:

It was in Gol kopjes to the east of Naabi Hill were we saw these two cheetahs on their honeymoon.

This male Cheetah was marking his home range to warn other male cheetahs.

These two male lions were up in the sausage tree running from the sun and flies in the Moru Kopjes of the Southwest Serengeti.

This big male lion was advertising his presence to other males in Gol Kopjes.

This is the great wildebeest migration. We came across the largest concentrations around Simiyu and Moru Kopjes.

Zebra shown here with beautiful sun rays. In the back ground is the famous Lake Magadi in the Ngorongoro Crater.

Crowned Cranes pictured here in Seronera Valley, Central Serengeti.

One of the legendary black-maned lions of the Ngorongoro Crater. We saw many large male lions during this safari.

As they say last but not least, the mighty elephant, one of my favorite animals.


Arnold Mushi
ADS Driver-Guide
January 30, 2013

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Greetings from Arnold in Tanzania!

I just got back from a wonderful safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater! We saw many wonderful things. I am including a few of my favorite pictures from the trip below.

I am driving to the North Serengeti to meet my guests who are arriving at the Kogatende Airstrip tomorrow but I will try to provide another update soon. The weather is beautiful at the moment in the Serengeti and wildlife viewing especially in the North and Central Serengeti is amazing. Asante Sana!

Below are a few pictures of the Migration crossing the Mara River!

Here is a crossing of the wildebeest and zebra at the Mara River, site #4.  You  have to wait for a while sometimes to get to see them crossing!  ‘Tulia’ is the Swahili word for ‘Patience’.


We watched this zebra family cross the river.  The young foal really struggled to make it all the way across.  We were afraid he might drown, but he eventually made it to the other side unharmed.


It is always a fantastic site to watch the Migration cross the Mara River!


A large elephant is curious about our vehicle.  North Serengeti, Mara River area.


A lioness had just made this wildebeest kill shortly before we arrived.  North Serengeti, on the plains near the Mara River.


A large pride of lions (18 lions total, although not all can be seen in these 2 pictures) lounge underneath a couple trees in the Northern’s Serengeti’s Loliondo Reserve near Buffalo Springs Tented Lodge.


A lioness nurses her three cubs, estimated at approximately 3 weeks old.  Mara River area, North Serengeti.


A lioness runs from a herd of elephants in the Lobo Valley of the North Serengeti.


A male lion successfully hunts and kills a large warthog.  He is dragging it under a tree to enjoy his lunch in the shade.  Taken in the Lobo Valley of the North Serengeti.


A large group of lion cubs wait for their mother to return home from her hunt.  Taken in the Seronera River Valley, not far from the Seronera River in the Central Serengeti.


A pride of lions drink from a pool in the Seronera River Valley, Central Serengeti.


Elephant!  Up close and personal in the Central Serengeti.


A pride of lions finish off a buffalo carcass near Turner’s Spring in the Central Serengeti.


Leopard lounging in a tree near Maasai Kopjes in the Central Serengeti.


Rhino mother and baby (approximately 6 months old) spotted at the Moru Kopjes in the Central Serengeti.


A lion is eyeing a Cape Buffalo (not pictured) in the early morning in the Ngorongoro Crater.


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