You Never Know What’s Around The Corner!

Our Africa Dream Safari was an exciting dream come true. From initial planning to every detail of our incredible trip, ADS delivered the ultimate safari experience.

It began with Michael listening to us, determining our level of adventure and identifying what we sought in our first safari. He crafted our private customized Hemingway itinerary to give us every opportunity to partake in the vast Tanzania experience – dawn to dusk game drives in the Northern Serengeti Mara River region, south to lion country in Seronera River Valley, continuing our scenic game drive experiences through Olduvai Gorge area including a visit to a Maasai Boma.

Then a stay on the rim and scenic game drives into the Ngorongoro Crater. We continued southward to Lake Manyara (baboon country) and the tranquil, beautiful Tarangire National Park with its herds of elephants, abundant bird sightings, lions, wildebeest, Baobab trees, gazelles and so much more.

All our lodging from the rustic tented camps in the Mara/Sametu regions to the luxurious Escarpment and Swala Tented lodges were always comfortable with fabulous staff hospitality and delicious dining.

One of our goals was to maximize our time ‘in the bush’ so our all day 10-hour game drives were enjoyed in the comfort of a Land Cruiser. We often pulled under a shady acacia tree to enjoy our tasty box lunch, review our morning sightings and partake in the best conversations.

This incredible Tanzania adventure was beautifully presented by Arnold, our 15 year veteran guide/driver. He was the BEST!

This ‘son of Africa’ made every day special with his personal warmth, ‘hakuna matata’ humor and story telling. We appreciated his knowledge of the Tanzania ecosystem, animal sightings and behaviors, intuitive animal tracking, photo guidance and always his focus on our safety and comfort.

It must be said our special adventure into Tanzania was not just experienced behind a camera lens or use of binoculars. Often they were put aside and we would peacefully ‘be’ with this magnificent land and all its inhabitants. Pinching ourselves, sometimes speechless in the presence of such beauty and wildlife … we had the total safari experience.

Thank you Michael, Arnold and all at ADS for making this Africa Dream Safari one of our best travels ever. And one final thought…We Want More!

Asante Sana,

Ron and Penny P.
Pleasant Hill, California
Safari Dates: September 15, 2018 to September 26, 2018



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  1. Absolutely stunning!

    You were two lucky pups!

    Thank you for sharing. Chances are excellent that your gorgeous photo memories will be as close as we get. Remember. My partner in crime LIVED in Nigeria. He’s been there, done that.

    I am too chicken. If I saw something eat something else, I’d cry.
    Your pathetic next door neighbor.

    1. Thx Heather! It truly was a dream come true. We appreciate you taking care of Saki so that we could have this incredible experience.

  2. Such a wonderful way to share your experience!!! I loved reading your wonderful account of your travels and you’re incredible photography! You are so lucky to have such an amazing experience together!

  3. Thanks so much for writing this blog about your exciting adventures in Tanzania. This was a dream trip that you and Ron made come true. For the rest of us, your photos and narratve gave us a chance to share in your adventures. Many thanks for all that beauty.

  4. Wonderful commentary, fantastic photos. Have to take a bit of credit for referring you both to Michael Wishner and his amazing company. We knew he and his staff would come through with providing a unique safari filled with lasting memories as they did for us. So glad you were able to enjoy this once-or-maybe-more-than-once adventure of a lifetime.

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