Extraordinary Photos From The Serengeti

Our Safari trip with Africa Dream Safaris far exceeded our expectations. From the time we arrived in Arusha to the time we completed our tour we felt well taken care of. With the careful logistical planning that ADS provided, we were able to breeze through customs and immigration and it was a comforting feeling to have an escort that we could trust.

When we stepped off the plane at Seronera Air Strip, David was there to meet us. We spent the next week with David and really enjoyed his calm presence, his knowledge, and ability to accommodate our interests.

While I am an accomplished photographer, my commercial work is primarily architecture with subjects that don’t move. I was a bit concerned about my ability to photograph wildlife with long lenses out of the top of a safari vehicle. With David’s experience I came home with photos that exceeded my expectations.

David always seemed to read my mind and know just where to position the truck. I only wish that we had more time to see more of the country and the people. But then, I imagine any casual visitor to Tanzania is left with a desire to return.

I keep a blog and I made a number of blog entries both during and after the trip. Here’s a link to the entries:


Treve and Joann J.
Albany, California
March 01, 2018 to March 11, 2018

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  1. I love this blog. Thanks for sharing those fantastic photos and the story of your adventure. It really made your trip come alive for me. What a once-in-a-lifetime exprience!

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