An Enlightening Visit With the Maasai

I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic safari experience we had in Tanzania. It was more of an adventure, in a very good way, then I could have ever imagined. The accommodations, as well as the food, were first class. Our guide, Ally, was so experienced and knowledgeable that he was like a member of the family showing us the wonders of where he lives.

Besides the beauty of the Serengeti we saw herds of Wildebeest, Zebra, Elephants and Troops of Baboon. There were also Lions, Leopards, Ostrich, Rhinos, Crocodiles…the list of animals and birds goes on and on.

The very first night we were in the Serengeti a lion decided to occupy the area outside our tent. Thankfully each site we stayed at had security guarding the area. What a story to tell family and friends, “we were awaken by a lion’s roar.” It was just part of the adventure!

On another night I was standing outside on the patio just enjoying the view when an elephant came out of the bush and just walked past.

Another day we went to a Maasai village and saw how the Maasai live a communal lifestyle. It was truly an eye opener and quite the experience. The Maasai did a welcome dance for us that was beautiful. The Maasai as well as all the other people we interacted with are the most sincere, nicest and kindness people. Their kindness is sincere and not a ‘put on’.

EVERYBODY should put a Safari to the Serengeti on their list of things to do. We are so glad we chose Africa Dream Safaris. We planned our trip with Dawn from Africa Dream Safaris who is extremely knowledgeable and had great advice in planning our Safari.

The final safari plan was perfect for us (and not just on paper) as it came together as planned in Tanzania. There were a few surprises that Africa Dream Safaris had for us that were unexpected and appreciated.

Thank you Dawn for all you’ve done to make this a trip so special and NEVER to be forgotten. Ally was also a huge part of such a superb safari experience so please tell Ally how much we’ve enjoyed his expertise and friendliness.

In fact, please say Asante Sana to everyone who was involved in our Safari. There were George and Frank who picked us up at the airport and whisked us through customs and brought us back to the airport when it was time to sadly leave Tanzania.

Bruce E.
Phoenix, Arizona
Safari Dates: September 15, 2018 to September 22, 2018


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  1. Beautiful pictures….we will be going June 2019 and can’t wait!
    May I inquire the type of camera you used. Trying to figure out the kind of camera I should purchase.
    Thank you.

    1. I used a Nikon D3400 that I purchased thru Amazon (of course, Ha) I also used a Nikon telephoto 70-300mm lens which came with the Camera. I was truly getting familiar with the camera on the Safari so I had some blurry pics but the D3400 isn’t difficult to use. I’m a novice photographer but if you do the Safari it is highly recommended to bring a good camera, also do take pics with your phone. You will be VERY satisfied with Africa Dream Safari it is 1st class. Let me know if you have any questions regarding anything pertaining to the Safari.

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