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I’ll make it simple. Go to Africa, Go to Tanzania, go with Africa Dream Safaris. Period. Going on a safari has been a life long dream of my wife and mine and our emotions and expectations were soaring as the days neared. Now I sit at my computer in Miami, with the task of articulating the adventure we just returned from. Well here it goes.

Tanzania took my breath away- Literally. As I replay the best moments of our trip, the feeling of breathlessness, of excitement, of adventure- flood right back in. From seeing a river crossing, to traversing the majestic Kopjes in search for big game, to watching herds of elephants be elephants, our trip in the Northern Serengeti got off to a great start.

After 3 days we left for the Central Serengeti, with a new sense of awe as we drove for hours through expansive herds of zebras and wildebeest as far as the eye could see, and had lunch along a riverbed, amongst the herd.

The Central Serengeti was even more incredible as we drove alongside cheetahs, had front seats to two Lioness hunts and sat for hours, a mere 15 feet away, watching a pride of lions be lions as the dominant male chowed down on a fresh Topi, the cubs played “aggressively” nearby and as mom, the huntress looked on with a ferocious maternal love that was truly inspiring.

At this point I need to stop and highlight our ADS guide Claude. It is without doubt that our “coincidental” encounters and repetitive “good timing” was because of Claude. ADS has the best guides and is really an elite operator. We were lucky enough to cross paths with a few other ADS tours as we shared stories with some of the other groups over a nightly campfire.

From capturing Cheetah’s standing on an ADS vehicle, to watching up close hunts and 2 unique Leopard sightings by our guide Claude- our experiences were the best. The difference was noticed immediately as we were the only group welcomed as soon as we got off the plane at 3 am! The transition from airport to Arusha to the Serengeti and back home was entirely seamless… Back to the trip.

Some of your most memorable moments were our cultural excursions with the Hadzabe, the Tatoga tribe, authentic Masai villages, visiting the FAME Hospital and an orphanage in Arusha. Experiencing first hand the vitality of Tanzanian people, driving through the villages and soaking up everything our guide could teach us about his culture truly reinforced this trip’s unmatched authenticity. The adventures didn’t stop there but I don’t want to ruin it!

We ultimately ended up back in Arusha with a unique “feeling”. The best way I could describe it is to compare the idea of a glass being half full or half empty. Our glass was full. We didn’t really need to talk about it, or write about it, or post about it (of course we did all those things). My wife and I were just able to see each other and know we had made one of the best decisions of our lives. We went on an African Dream Safari in Tanzania.

Corey and Natalie L.
Miami, Florida
Safari Dates: July 05, 2017 – July 17, 2017

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  1. Claude was our guide and like all ADS guides he was the best. We genuinely enjoyed being with him. My wife and he had many conversations about the geology of Tanzania. We want to take another trip with ADS that will allow us to experience more of the cultural aspects we missed previously. Great pictures! Enjoyed seeing them all.
    On another note hope you and your family will be safe this weekend from the wrath of Irma

  2. We also had Claude and felt he was terrific! Many great sightings also because of him. We love ADS. This past April was our 2nd trip with them.

    Also wishing you the best for this weekend and the weeks that follow.

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