The Totality Of Tanzania…The Country, Its People And The Wildlife Is Truly Special

Our first ADS safari was in April of 2014 at the end of the green season. Almost immediately Africa was in my blood and I knew I would have to make a return visit within a few years. So we did…in August of 2017, during the dry season. Imagine my surprise upon landing at Kilimanjaro Airport to be greeted once again by Matthias, who gave me a big hug and said “welcome back, Sue!”

As countless other ADS safari guests have testified, the personal attention you receive from ADS is beyond your wildest expectations…from the moment your feet hit the tarmac to the minute you walk through security after bidding Matthias and Joseph a fond farewell at the end.

It goes without saying that the ADS guides are beyond compare. Both Arnold and Russell (in 2014 and 2107 respectively) were THE BEST. I am only posting a few pictures of unusual R&B (rare and beautiful) sightings. Of course you will see myriad elephants, lions, wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, wart hogs, Cape buffalo, birds, gazelles, cheetahs and the elusive leopard! But Russell was amazed to spot a wild cat (moving too quickly to get a photo of) a caracal and a kudu, who both posed for pictures. He was more excited than we were!

If a safari isn’t on your bucket list, it needs to be. And if it is, call ADS and let them take you there. They will plan every detail from start to finish and I guarantee that you will want to go back.

Thank you Dawn, for making our second safari every bit of a PLE (Peak Life Experience) as the first. We saw 2 Mara River crossings and it was heart-stopping and breath-taking. Fortunately, all of the wildebeests made it safely across…no crocs and no broken bones from the treacherous boulders. It is hard to get your head around this annual migration cycle that has been occurring for centuries.

Sue B, Harvey, Pat and Kristin T
Livonia, Michigan / Fairview, Tennessee / Cartersville, Georgia
Safari Dates: August 3, 2017 to August 13, 2017

P.S. Ever since our first safari 3 years ago, I have been deeply pondering why it is such a life altering experience. And I think I have found the answer…at least for me. I have done extensive international traveling, 15 land trips over 30 years to include New Zealand, the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Panama, Europe, Russia and most recently Cuba this past May.

NONE of these trips, with the possible exception of New Zealand, come close to the safari experience. I went on the aforementioned trips as a “tourist” but on an ADS safari, I felt like an “invited guest” into the animal kingdom. As a human being, I felt so insignificant in the midst of the vastness of the Serengeti. It is such a visceral, personal and spiritual encounter.

Truly it cannot be described, it must be experienced through a total immersion, bearing witness to the sights, sounds and scents that are inherent in a safari. The totality of Tanzania…the country, its people and the wildlife is truly special. Unlike any country I have ever visited. It’s a personal connection, one that will never be forgotten. I feel so incredibly blessed to have gone on 2 safaris with ADS.

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  1. In addition to your beautiful pictures, thank you for capturing so nicely what separates a safari in Tanzania with ADS from other vacation adventures. The sense of being warmly invited into this unique place and the privilege of experiencing in real life the world of these magnificent animals is truly a blessing. We cannot wait to return again in April.

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