Guide Report – Migration Crossings and Big Cats

Greetings from Arusha, Tanzania. I have just finished my most recent safari with two guests Katherine and Karen who are from Chicago Illinois, USA. While in the bush we had a wonderful time together with some spectacular wildlife viewing especially with great migration crossing the Mara River and for the predators including lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena.

We stayed 2 nights at the Mara River Camp in the Mara River area of the North Serengeti, 2 nights at Migration Camp in the Lobo Valley area of the North Serengeti, 2 nights at Mbuzi Mawe Tented Lodge in the Central Serengeti and 1 night at Gibbs Farm in Lake Manyara. Please enjoy a collection of photos I took during this safari.

A Lion hunt was the highlight of the day. The lioness made a kill and later brings it to her cubs. It was really an amazing sequence of events.

The Wildebeest Migatrion crossing the Mara River.

Vultures taking over a Cheetah kill. This was in the beautiful Lamai Triangle of the North Serengeti, which is very close to the border with Kenya.

Spotted Eagle Owl in Lobo Valley, North Serengeti.

We witnessed another Lion kill. This Lioness took a position on the River bank to trap the Wildebeest who were coming to drink in the afternoon. She was successful as she caught a Wildebeest right in front of us.

A herd of Elephant finding a shade under aflat top Acacia Tree.

A little bee eater posing along the Mara River.

A Lion pride of Togoro plains.

Mating leopards

Bateluer Eagle on the hunt – Northern Serengeti.

Sunset in the Serengeti National Park at Migration Camp.

Cheetahs – Central Serengeti

Emmanuel Kichao
ADS Guide

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  1. That’s our guide…… So wonderful Emmanuel, we were treated to the best guide. He made sure we saw all the animals we mentioned and is our pick for when we come back to Africa.

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