After All Its Just Cookies

As my friend and I stood in our African Dreams jeep after an incredible day with the wonderful animals in the Ngorongora Crater waiting for Tommy (Thompson) our guide to get our exit papers from the Crater we heard a loud thump on the hood of the jeep. As we turned around to look and see what created the noise the large baboon leaped from the front of the jeep to the back top of the jeep over our heads.

Kathy immediately started to grab for her camera, which was our go-to for everything we saw and before she could grab either her phone or camera the baboon came in to the jeep from back top to the front area seats where I was half standing up. Kathy told him in no uncertain terms NO- NO -NO. However, I think he only understood Swahili and paid absolutely no attention to her commands.

As the Baboon jumped from the back roof top in to the front area I suddenly was looking straight in to the round yellow eyes of a 3-4 foot baboon standing approximately 5 inches away from his face. We stared at each other, I think both somewhat questionable as to what to do. I was not sure if he was going to bite me, scratch me or continue jumping around the inside of the jeep.

Reflecting back on the incident I say “we” were somewhat questionable as to what to do, the Baboon had no questions as to his moves at all. As we stood there, which for me was like 5 minutes, really only lasting seconds, out of the corner of my eye I saw a very long arm reach to the seat next to me and gently secure a package of unopened shortbread cookies (provided by African Dreams in the jeep) and before I could blink, the baboon was up and gone over the top of the jeep.

Minutes later, driving out it was not difficult to find the visitor to our jeep as he sat in the road with cookies all over his face.

Thank you to our wonderful, educated, dependable informative guide Tommy and all of the incredible animals that gave us an experience of a lifetime.

And…thank you African Dreams for the trip of a lifetime and the cookies – gave me an exciting second, up close and personal.

Nancy L.
South Lake Tahoe, California
Safari Dates: July 2, 2015 to July 14, 2015

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  1. I just loved this story! Thank you for sharing it. You brought back a fantastic memory I have of my ADS safari in 2006 when a baboon, trying to get into my tent one afternoon, was busy working the zipper when I stepped out of the shower. S/he stood up looking quite guilty at breaking in, screamed when s/he saw me in the raw, and I too yelped at seeing this rather large creature just a few feet from me. S/he dashed off in one direction, and I in the other. It was an incredible moment. I hope s/he was not scarred for life by the nude image of a rather well padded, older woman! I know I was left with a memory I’ll always treasure. Because of the wonder and beauty I saw in Africa, I am headed back in October and know for certain that ADS will provide yet another magical adventure!

  2. I had an experience with a baboon who came into out tent with a another baboon and took everything out of our suitcase to get at some crackers. Looking back it was funny but at the time a bit disconcerting.

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