Elephant Numbers In Serengeti Increase Though Other Areas On the Decline

In a recent Tanzanian wildlife census the Serengeti National Park recorded an impressive 98% increase in elephants. The census recorded 6,087 elephants compared to just 3,068 elephants counted in 2009. The nearby Tarangire National Park also recorded a solid 64 percent increase from 2,561 elephants in 2009 to 4,202 elephants today. Tarangire National Park now boasts one of the highest elephant concentrations of any game reserve in Africa with roughly 3 elephants per square mile.

Sadly, most other protected areas in Africa and even those in Southern Tanzania are experiencing significant declines in elephant numbers due to the alarming rise in illegal elephant poaching. Recently, an elephant orphanage was established in Tanzania to rescue baby elephants that were orphaned due to poaching. Click here to read our last week’s newsletter about this wonderful orphanage and learn how you can help these graceful giants.