Serengeti Wins Africa’s Best National Park For 4th Straight Year!

The Serengeti has done it again with a recent win at the World Travel Awards hosted in Nairobi. That’s four years in a row the Serengeti has won the coveted award for ‘Best National Park in Africa’. To celebrate, we thought it would be fun to compile our favorite video clips taken over the past couple of months by our very own guides here at Africa Dream Safaris. We hope you enjoy this video tribute to the amazing Serengeti Ecosystem and make sure to expand to full screen!

Note the lion pride featured at the beginning of the video is one of one of our favorite lion prides named the Sametu Pride after the remote Sametu Kopjes (the granite outcropping shown in the background). This area is one of the best places in the Serengeti to see lions and, best of all, you’re likely to have this slice of heaven all to yourself given its very remote location.